Mining/Smith Urn issue.

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Checked out the info from the mod about urns in regards to them not being updated but are you guys seriously not going to fix the urn xp?

Decorated urns xp by name as follow

Mining -625
Farming - 1400
Divination - 1900
Fishing - 1900
Cooking - 1547
Woodcutting - 1900
Runecrafting - 1400
Hunter - 1600

You need 3,125xp to fill it up for 625xp to teleport. Even if you doubled both of those it would still be less xp than any of the other urns for teleporting. Why are they not being updated as a mod had said.

23-Dec-2018 00:10:11

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I mean - the smithing one is even more broken (strong one only gives 250 xp, a decorated doesn't exist). But that one will be fixed with the mining/smithing rework - at least in terms of mechanics (it works for more things then and as you do no longer need inventory space it won't end up as a wasted inventory slot), not sure if the xp will be made worthwile.Okay certainly wrong information, they just introduced a new broken one on top - sorry.

Thing is - those urns are balanced to be fully filled with 25 units of the top tier material at the time they were released (which was runite in 2010) and increase that xp gained by 20 %. Problem is that was 8 years ago and it might not hurt if it was updated. I do not know details for sure, but I could imagine they were rebalanced as well - for the current state I would have suggested 25 alaea crabs.
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A related issue - there is still ONLY a "Strong Smelting Urn", which doesn't work for lvl-80 Bane bars.

I'd think adding a "Decorated Smelting Urn" would be almost trivial, given all (?) the other skills have the such a up-to 99 urn.
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09-Jan-2019 18:45:07

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