What do do with Barren Wild?

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I think you're over thinking this.

IRL, reclaiming land is a slow and resource intense project. Usually due to pollution, radiation, desertification, etc.

Yes, Forinthy was once one of the lushest lands on the plant. Then the region was blasted thousands of years ago by an Elder Artifact. The residual energy has stayed around, effectively keeping anything from growing.
Yes, there are a few patches of green, but it's very limited compared to the rest of the area.

You can use divine energy to try to remove the residual energy. But even then, even with in-game mechanics speeding things up, that doesn't necessarily mean that the land would be "ready to use" right away.
As we've done is grow a few basic trees and sprout some grass.

Misthalin and Asgarnia won't go to war over the wildy. They are allies. Each kingdom has their own enemies (Falador against the Kinshra, Varrock vs Morytania)
In addition, they'd have to bring order to the wilderness before anything else can happen. You still have rogues, thieves, bandits, warbands, and other independents roaming around out there. It would still be a lawless place for a long time to come. Even then, the kingdoms aren't perfect at keeping crime rates down inside their own borders.

The next problem is technical.
Jagex is going to have to commit resources to either doing a one time graphical udpate for the wilderness (either a graphical update they do themselves, or a "world event" where players do a lot of virtual stuff, then 'poof', the wildy is greener in a lot of spots) or do something so that players have a barren and a green variant of wildernesses depending on what they do (but I'm not sure Jagex would do something large scale ... usually player based visual changes are localized to a single city or small area)

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