What do do with Barren Wild?

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Hello Jagex ans peers.

My question is simple. There are barren areas of the wilderness and an idea was floated a while back that they could be 'reclaimed' somehow.

What areas should that be? I'm thinking that sense the area is called the wilderness then shouldn't there be barren and uninhabited areas?

Not that I don't like the idea, just because something is has been called something for a long time doesn't mean that area is stagnant and cannot change.

With all that aside, making sudden land grabs sounds incredibly interesting. How Would Misthalin and Asgarnia figure it out, would they go to war over the new territory? Could we as players pick a kingdom and collectively vie for dominance? Would Misthalin even considering allying with the Black Knights to further undermine Asgarnia's influence? Could Asgarnia utilize Taverly's druidic magics against Misthalinian soldiers--or would they instead opt out toward neutrality?

Burthrope might want to ally with Misthalin because of their love/hate relationship with the capital Falador.

Faldor could use their navy stationed at Port Sarim to blockade Misthlanian shipping. They could also use the temple knights organization to conduct clandestine operations deep into their neighboring kingdom!

Just imagine Zamorak bathing in the complete chaos that is the eastern human kingdoms, himself attacking and delaying wilderness expansion. Operations too and fro to destroy either kingdom, new towns being founded only to be stuck in the middle of a war between two former allies turned rivals!
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I think you're over thinking this.

IRL, reclaiming land is a slow and resource intense project. Usually due to pollution, radiation, desertification, etc.

Yes, Forinthy was once one of the lushest lands on the plant. Then the region was blasted thousands of years ago by an Elder Artifact. The residual energy has stayed around, effectively keeping anything from growing.
Yes, there are a few patches of green, but it's very limited compared to the rest of the area.

You can use divine energy to try to remove the residual energy. But even then, even with in-game mechanics speeding things up, that doesn't necessarily mean that the land would be "ready to use" right away.
As we've done is grow a few basic trees and sprout some grass.

Misthalin and Asgarnia won't go to war over the wildy. They are allies. Each kingdom has their own enemies (Falador against the Kinshra, Varrock vs Morytania)
In addition, they'd have to bring order to the wilderness before anything else can happen. You still have rogues, thieves, bandits, warbands, and other independents roaming around out there. It would still be a lawless place for a long time to come. Even then, the kingdoms aren't perfect at keeping crime rates down inside their own borders.

The next problem is technical.
Jagex is going to have to commit resources to either doing a one time graphical udpate for the wilderness (either a graphical update they do themselves, or a "world event" where players do a lot of virtual stuff, then 'poof', the wildy is greener in a lot of spots) or do something so that players have a barren and a green variant of wildernesses depending on what they do (but I'm not sure Jagex would do something large scale ... usually player based visual changes are localized to a single city or small area)

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Wow; realism...yaaaaaay.

Congrats on sounding real practical, but the thread was kind of a joke, and what I wish MMORPG's in general might do (changing environments based on participation)--should, choulda, woulda explained it but well--there you go.

Maybe RS could use a World Event or two anyhow. But this time around, really blow some stuff up, and don't bring it back either with some rebuildaton--BORING! --Really give all of us whinny players something to cry about. Blow up Edgeville, and the GE (Varrok one), cause an economic collapse, or several! :);):P

And have Zamorak jamming out on all this chaos too, like he's high from it and it's his drug or something. He's feeling his face with his hands + getting a tattoo from a sketchy dude someplace. Then, there's a flashback to Zammie's edgy years as a misunderstood goth + being bullied @ skool and he cries a single tear.

And then have Morytania send out a muderous band of vampire's also in a rock band, and they do screamo--you get the picture. OH! And at the end of every song they cry about their parents divorce when they were all twelve + being bullied at school. SAD!
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OH! Guthix lives in a treehouse where he is fed and kept alive by the local neighbor boy b/c he's an alien, and they need to keep him secret or they'll be found out & captured by the Temple Knights (FBI basically), and their Leader Saradomin (who bullied emo Zammie in school b/c he was football captain but had a romantic crush on Zammie, but! --he didn't know how to express his feeling properly), anyway--He's a bad man!

Seren's a cheerleader on Sara's football team, but she secretly has these annoying immortal children she's tired of dealing with, and it super embarrassing so...yeah.

Bandos is a serialkiller stalking Seren.

Armadyl is a book-nerd, and he doesn't do anything, so don't bother with him.
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