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Deltaslug said:
At this point, the mining and smithing isn't a surprise.
It just feels more like a release ... ok ... not intended as a pun.

Original design concept was a place holder.
They suggested a limited scope of 60-99, but only new stuff, not touching the existing stuff. (this would have been a smaller project than what they have been doing). We voted no.
They started on design work, but we told them that they were going off the rails.
So after 6 years of concept, and since late 2017 in progress, we're finally getting it.
And frankly, it's something we've need since at least 2006. (Be funny if they did the m/s rework before eoc)

I honestly think if they had, EoC would've been much more balanced, initially.

That said, everyone can agree that EoC release is a stain, even if that stain grew into a pretty flower.
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30-Dec-2018 17:10:19

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I was hoping for a huge shelve picture meme when I saw the thread title, but this is fine too.
But I wonder who's more accurate, me or the OP...

OT: I am not looking forward to mining/smithing rework. Yuck.
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Well, here's to hoping the M&S Rework is successful. It's been the works for long enough, so I'm glad it's finally seeing the release. I always love Hati and Skoll, so yay that. Maybe the stables and farmhands will be useful enough to gain my interest in the player-owned-farm, but I'm already 99 farming and I have the pet and really no desire for 120, so if I ever the urge for 120, maybe this can help.

Another dxpw already... I mean, we all knew it would be for February, that's the expectation, but these other surprise dxpws.... It's already too much, and I'm baffled that Jagex doesn't see the negative long-term effects of too many dxpws in such a short time. Idc about the Elite Dungeons, but I guess that's cool for those who do (but really, another crossbow lol?). Chef's assistant bottle quest... More quests are nice, but they really need to pick back-up on major questlines. Small quests are nice to whet the appetite, but I'm hoping they have more god related quests ready to be released soon.

Comp Cape rework is bound to be drama, so I'll have popcorn for that. The firemaking updates honestly sound useless. The skill will never be particularly useful, but I always found it and wcing to be fun to do mindlessly, and there are plenty of other skills in need of updates that should certainly be prioritized over this (like summoning, construction, agility, sailing, etc. etc.). I see the removal of some dead content continues with BH, so I guess that's kinda meh. Never did it. Never cared. Not sure how they're going to redistribute the rewards, but when there's Nox equipment, I'm not really interested in that anyways.

Everything beyond that is just some stuff that's gonna happen. Easter should be good. I hope.
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02-Jan-2019 07:24:30

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#MakeWildyGreatAgain #WolfPack #Quest #ActualHolidayEvent

Somewhat hyped, though I don't care about the bulk of the planned updates.
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I was about to write a lengthy post here, but I just realized I am not into the game that much currently. I really hope 2019 will be a good year where we will see some positive changes to runescape. "One should not mindlessly follow gods or the godless:
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02-Jan-2019 15:14:54

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hati and skoll is probably when nic arrives again
will not be thrilled about my abyssal demon profits dying on the 7th of january and will make my concerns known when the update hits
farmhands useless because already completed POF


can use my protean cogs during dxp
ed3 probably arriving the 2nd week of february looking forward to mutated magic abilities
chefs assistance v2 will probably be a 10 min quest
will buy fairy drake if its legendary but idc about wyvern cape

beyond february

comp cape needs to be made easier
incense will be a great use for all the firelighters i got from tt
balloon update is useless no one uses balloons to travel
gonna do some bh in the last 2 weeks of bh before its closed down then see if the redistributed rewards are worth 1 iteming

better be a solo aod otherwise idc
great update here less competition for abbys and darks
useless, i wanted solo raids

free 2 th keys is great for easter event
dont care about rs3 mobile news if it isnt them actually releasing it fully
most likely summer beach party, but with more summer prize token type rares

early 2020 is probably the announcement of t95 weapons now that all t92 weapon slots have been filled

05-Jan-2019 14:08:28

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