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Dr Sid PhD

Dr Sid PhD

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I'm creating this thread to discuss the price of
Mazcab Ability Codex
, which is a rare item dropped from Raids boss monsters.

The Reprisal ability from
is now price checked here.

The Praesul prayer codex dropped from
Angel of Death
is now price checked here.

Erethdor's grimoire
(drop from
) has now been added to the list of things pced on this thread.

Credit to DeathHunterX for helping me with the rules/guidelines/suggestions for the thread.


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Dr Sid PhD

Dr Sid PhD

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Prices may be reported using the "b" and "s" system OR decimals
= instant buy / non instant sell (and rounds up to the nearest million)
= instant sell / non instant buy (and rounds down to the nearest million)


1) No price manipulation will be tolerated. Please report your prices to the best of your knowledge. Price conflicts sometimes arise when there is a discrepancy in the time of your report vs the actual timestamp when your offer filled.

2) Should conflicts arise, the first point of resolution should be clarification of time your offer was completed.

3) No spam tolerated. Please be civil and courteous in your discussions and transactions.

4) No inappropriate comments at anyone. No trolling will be permitted.

5) You ARE allowed to discuss future trends of this item. You are also allowed to discuss tangential game content centered around these items, which include future plans to add more abilities, more raid content, etc.

6) Forum Code of Conduct applies at all times.

In the event of rule breaking, Forum Moderators will be contacted

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