How many big collecters?

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The Blah
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The Blah

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Anyone else Love collecting a Certain Rare I mean like strangely in Bulk lol I am all about Blue H weens. Also if you have impressive other collections I am happy to Hear about it :). Just fun to see how many other knuckle heads Love collecting not just to make gp but just for the heck of it. :).

20-Mar-2018 09:39:06

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20-Mar-2018 11:35:22

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yes, i still have 1389 duplicated purple party hats in my bank

but really im collecting red santa hats untill i have enough of them for a partyhat so whatever that amount adds up to im still 2-3billion worth off and it keeps changing, its like investing in a bar of gold and stacking them up

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Kyuk - The entirety of your post was not on topic to this thread, and as such has been removed. There's no need to be critiquing someone's grammar on the forum, as we should be focusing on the topic of discussion instead.

On-topic, I'm not a collector of any rares, as my GP typically is used for further skilling endeavors.

21-Mar-2018 01:20:07

PB andJ
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PB andJ

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I have around 140,000,000 Potato seeds.

Anyone who's interested in collections feel free to pop in 'Collections' FC - show off, buy, sell, trade collections :)
RuneScape's largest Potato seeds collection!
140M+ so far

working towards 10k corp solo kills!
5k~ / 10k killed so far

21-Mar-2018 05:06:29

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