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Hey folks, a lot has changed since I was here last. I just wanted to take a few minutes to say thank you to whomever "NG" Might be on the official Jagex Support twitter @JagexSupport.

I recently returned from a bit of a hiatus from playing, and I intended to stick around, though times had passed me by, and my security awareness was lackluster to say the least. Unfortunately for me, this led to myself falling prey to a phishing attack, perpetrated by an account scammer on Twitch, posing as the official Runescape channel.

Needless to say, my password was compromised, and even though I was quick to recover the account, I found it locked for security a day later, not to my surprise.

After numerous attempts to submit an account recovery appeal, and it getting denied; I reached out on twitter to the official support handle, and a lovely fellow who goes by "NG" helped me out, and presumably was the one who got me on my way.

I'll be honest, I was close to giving up and moving on from Runescape entirely, however this individual has helped restore my faith in Jagex's customer support.

Thanks again! I hope somebody brings cookies for this fellow.
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29-Dec-2016 09:16:46



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That's nice. I do hope you'd be much more careful. :) Also welcome back. ^_^

; .

,'_ ¸¸'
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Scouse said:
Pretty sure it's Mod Neong and yer @JagexSupport are all cool

Yep, it was Neong. Let's see if I can prod him to have a look at this thread ;)

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29-Dec-2016 14:13:14

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