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28-Apr-2019 19:59:13

Samora Kiba
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Samora Kiba

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There is no such thing as a one-year ban. Temporary macroing bans last 2 days in most cases and have an expiration date of one year. Meaning: it sounds like you can log in again in about 2 days and in 1 year, the ban meter will go down.

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28-Apr-2019 23:09:12

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I really hope you don't bot again, it puts your computer at risk and especially the security of your account as well.
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01-May-2019 20:32:16

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Just a tip for your future skilling:

You can join Friend Chat groups dedicated to certain skills, and it makes it so much faster and easier to get to 99. I would also suggest using portable skilling stations, as there are usually specific worlds that have certain portables active 24/7.

Just level the skills yourself, it is very rewarding when you earn those skillcapes. :D


08-May-2019 01:21:34

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Yeah, there is no such thing a a one year ban. You were probably temp banned for 48 hours, and assumed it was a year. So in retrospect you could've already been playing for 362 days, but hopefully you at least learned your lesson either way.

Just kidding ;)

09-May-2019 21:15:25

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