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Samora Kiba

Samora Kiba

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You did receive replies, multiple even, as recent as today. From what I can see, you countered those responses of players volunteering their time to help you with flame and attacks. Despite that you have been asked several times to remain polite as they continued to try to help you, yet you continued attacking those trying to help you.

I understand that you are frustrated that you can't play the game, but that is no excuse to treat players in that manner, and does certainly not make people eager to continue responding to you. You are asking for their help, the least you can do is treat people nicely when they try to provide it. If you don't, it's not all that weird that people don't want to help you out any more.

It seems that your questions have been covered in this thread already, and that you also have been provided with a contact to tech support. I recommend to check out the replies you got before complaining about a lack of replies and demanding more :)

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23-Feb-2017 22:21:29

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