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24-Dec-2016 18:20:45

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There are many things wrong with this thread... where shall I begin?

1) This is the compliments forum. Compliments only should be placed here. Not once in your post can I see a compliment.

2) Inappropriate language - Just because you are annoyed does not mean you can use inappropriate language. As you've stated in your title, "kids play this game". Would you be happy for a 13 year old to see these words/phrases?

3) Naming and shaming is not allowed on the forums; this includes clans as well as players. No evidence can be provided on the forums to back up your claim, which is why this rule is the same across the forums.

4) Nothing can be done about this on the forums. Report them in-game, move on and enjoy your own game time. JaGex will get round to looking at all reports sent in to them (fact).

5) Making duplicates on the forums is considered spam.

6) Probably the most worrying of all, 5 year olds are not allowed to play RuneScape. It's Christmas Eve. Go and spend some time with your child instead of ranting about this since nothing can be done on the forums.

Have a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year.

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