M&S Rework, executed perfectly

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Jagex, all I have to say is that you've absolutely smashed it out of the water on all fronts, the whole community excited about a skilling update for a skill that's over 18 years old?

Give yourselves a pat on the back, you all deserve it.

Is it too much to ask for a woodcutting and fletching rework next? ;)
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07-Jan-2019 21:57:35



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I agree, bravo this update has made me actually enjoy mining! This is truly a masterwork!

The only thing I would want to change is the critical hit and and other damage multipliers to use some geology terminology instead, perhaps relating to the current integrity of the ore vein.

08-Jan-2019 04:33:24

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While its really easy to get gemstone pieces and make a fair bit of change, its fun and a lot less stressful to mine and smith now. granted that monster drops are gonna be a bit of a cluster, but im sure you lads will ge tthat figured out soon enough, but jagex this is gonna be one of the best updates for 2019, and looking forwards to more updates.
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08-Jan-2019 07:43:00

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Yep this rework is outstanding. It's rewarding, has practical use besides just skilling and money making, makes sense and more interesting to do. I absolutely love it and cannot wait for other skill reworks you do in the future. This is definitely a step in the right direction.

Plus I love the mix of allowing AFK type gameplay, whilst rewarding none afk gameplay. You've balanced that very well.
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I am one of those players that don't anxiously await an update as some have been clunkers some have been good. This time however, Jagex outdid themselves. This rework is priceless - they have really outdone themselves. It was executed, well planned, well thought out, and went flawlessly into the game.

Several things to me personally make it outstanding:

1. Love the Pickaxe of Earth & Song - would love to add it to my toolbelt.
2. Rune pickaxe +5 makes up for the lack of Pickaxe of Earth & Song on toolbelt.
3. The Ore Boxes are a terrific addition - a use on anvil or furnace option to auto-empty it would be a nice addition
4. Thank you for eliminating the multiple use of coal [8 coal + 1 runite = 1 rune bar]
5. Thank you for eliminating the ore resource when you mine it - having the rocks keep their ore make this more pleasurable.

Things that would be a nice addition:

1. As I mentioned - a use on anvil or furnace option to auto-empty the ore box would be nice [unless it's there & I missed it]
2. A remove-x option for ores or bars. Can't find a way to remove just x number or ores or bars via anvil or furnace [again, unless it's there & I missed it]

The rework makes smithing & mining more streamlined to do - eliminating the grind and time consuming method.

Makes me sorry I have 200 in Mining but this will make my Smithing less of a chore.

08-Jan-2019 13:03:56

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I agree! My only complaint so far is about how long it took me to figure out how to craft some diamond necklaces. :P lol. Of course it was obvious once someone in my clan pointed it out.

My favorite parts so far:

1. as a maxed player (but not comp...that will never happen because I'm a combat chicken) it's nice to have new goals. I've been working on the new mining achievements, plus I had to go get an imcado pick which meant going back to the Lava Mine where I haven't been in ages.

2. I made quite a bit of money the first morning supplying ores to all those players who just HAD to have the newest things first. Me, I mined with my old worn down augmented crystal pick until the ore prices dropped.

3. I LOVE how we can deposit all our ores and bars in the furnace "bank". It frees up bank space, and it also means we can make 28 pieces of jewelry at one time instead of only 14.

4. I absolutely love not having to count out coal to go with whatever ore I'm making into bars. I could never remember how many coals for each type of ore. SO much easier now.

That's about it for now since I haven't investigated anything else. I need to go get the heater thing from the dungeoneering reward shop. And I haven't looked into what the shards/tokens/whatever-they're-called do, the ones we got in replacement for our metal items that we had in the bank. I have a LOT of them because I'd been stockpiling rune arrows -- no particular reason for that, I'd just get them from slayer and stash them in the bank unused. lol

Anyway, I love having new things to do. I recently got 120 slayer and have been piddling around ever since without a new goal in mind. :)

08-Jan-2019 16:09:07

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Dara Elzel

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Here are my favorite parts of the Mining and Smithing Rework:

Mining rocks are no longer competitive. You no longer have to switch worlds if the mining rock you want or so desperately need is occupied. Instead, you can relax and pick whatever mining rock you want, and mine to your heart's content.

The metal banks at the furnaces, forges, and anvils really help when saving bank space. It's also convenient having the ores and bars right there when you want to do some smelting or smithing.

The level revamp so that smithing matches combat levels also makes a great deal of sense as well. It did indeed seem strange that tier 50 combat armor required over 80 Smithing to make. The new levels certainly work for me.

08-Jan-2019 17:16:57

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