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RuneScape's a nice way to relax after work, and it's become a virtual pasttime for so many years now.

There's enough laid-back relaxing content to get involved with if I'm not feeling up to any intense playing, and if I am, well I can just get my teammates together for a few Vorago runs or drop in on Araxxor for a few hardcore fights!

Then of course comes the pride and joy, and RuneScape's shining glory among all of its MMO brethren...the QUEST system. Actual adventures, story-driven, and downright enjoyable. The quest system is perhaps the thing which even the biggest RuneScape naysayer would find worthy of praise. On top of this, all the lore explored in them (and outside them) is surely something I've come to greatly enjoy within the RuneScape universe.

Though I may find myself sometimes critical (though not too harshly, or really that I do agree with Jagex on many decisions and updates, and see their point of view) of Jagex, I do so from a place of love and wanting to see this game flourish and prosper. But I'm a firm believer in the idea that you can be critical and still love something, if you truly wish to see it succeed.

All in all, I absolutely love this game through-and-through.
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