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Boris D
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Boris D

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Ok, so now that the new mining rework has settled down, though there's much of it I enjoy, it has to be acknowledged that it is absolutely not a money maker. As it stands right now, I believe clay or rune are the best per hour, which is not the goal.

I'd like to suggest a method of creating a sort of raid system for various skills. As it stands, with the rework, Jagex said that "paying attention will be rewarded." What this really meant was if you click more frequently and stare at your screen you get more ore faster. That is not what I think is needed.

When you boss, you need to pay attention to various elements at once. You balance attention between monitoring various inputs in order to avoid death, maintain damage, and manage resources. Make skilling for certain rewards feel like bossing.

Simple example. Input resources into a machine. Activate machine. Machine has an interface with your resources to manage and has some "tells" that can be built into it that a player can learn. You can't die, but you use your materials in your attempt to craft no matter what. The better your performance in the mini-game interface, the better your reward. Whether it's very high quality materials that are needed to make certain items or even just something that can be turned in for straight cash or faction tokens (which can also be turned in for items worth cash).

19-Apr-2019 16:24:53

Kings Abbot

Kings Abbot

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Sounds a bit like Blast Furnace. Isn't that completely dead these days? Even before we even heard about the Mining and Smithing rework... The RS Wiki needs a hand, and Bwian's will gladly take the rest of your body!
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This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move.

19-Apr-2019 16:48:30

Boris D
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Boris D

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Nex, I'm unclear if you're saying that because you personally aren't interested or because you think it's a bad idea. If the latter, can you explain to me why? After all, in the grand scheme, when you boss (which I assume you do by your name), you take an amount of skill, consumables, and potential wealth risked (since I believe you can recover it from Death), and you invest that in attempts at the boss. Over time, with skill, you improve your investment, reduce your risk, and increase your reward.

So how is this different from a skilling boss where rather that combat, it is a skilling-based challenge. You insert raw materials, they are consumed, the results vary based on skill, and given the lack of wealth-risk, the rewards are not as rewarding as bossing but still can be great given that it still takes attention and skill.

23-Apr-2019 21:20:17

The Infernix
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The Infernix

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I really like the idea of a skilling raid of some sort.
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23-Apr-2019 22:25:28

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