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In-house privy
: a few houses or mansions around Gielinor actually have privies built into their places, I think in a future Construction update maybe we can have a new room built:
with several hotspots to build, (tub), (washbasin), (toilet), (privacy fence), and (wall decoration), *tub = non-interactive, *washbasin = access to water source, *toilet = non-interactive, *privacy fence = non-interactive, *wall decoration = non-interactive, window above toilet, privacy fence between tub and doorway, washbasin on other side of doorway and wall decoration opposite tub and privacy fence. To allow players to upgrade POH's add (2) two more rooms count, so POH's can build 1 privy for housekeeper and 1 privy for house. Everyone needs to use the privy at one time or another.
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It's better than a bucket...

Sure, why not? No player has actually ever washed him/herself the last 18 years. The tub should be interactive, but I can hold my poo, so the toilet can be scenery.
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