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Stella Gazer
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Stella Gazer

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With the new comp cape rework, the ranged cape perk will be reworked as well.

Here are 4 suggestions for the new perk.

Perk suggestion 1:

The attack range of shortbows are increased by 2 and 1 for longbows.

This means that the noxious longbow will have a attack range of 10 instead of 9.

And the zaryte bow (any shortbow) will have the attack range of 9.
<According to the wiki the seren godbow now has a attack range of 9, they fixed it>

Making shortbows less horrible to work with.

Perk Suggestion 2:

Snipe takes 0.6 seconds to fire instead of 1.8 seconds.
Giving a 188 weapon damage instead like dragon breath.

Perk Suggestion 3:
Allows movement while performing snipe.

(This will not devalue the nightmare gauntlets because they give an additional 25 percent hit chance when doing snipe.)

Perk Suggestion 4:
The snipe ability is no longer a channeled ability.
That would be canceled otherwise from just eating a piece of food.

Perk suggestion 5:
Gives a 25 percent on recovering broken arrows and bolts.
Works with enchanted bolts.(Sadly no enchanted arrows, Jagex lazy game design,)

Perk suggestion 6:
Rapid fire last 2 additional seconds, ( like how the strength cape perk works.)

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I would prefer if those things could be some nice extra and not stuff you absolutely would have to use for maximum damage potential.

So perk 1 and 4 would fit - albeit 4 would focus on something distinct weapons are not intended for. Also would be crippling overspecialized in something most rangers won't use anyway.

Maybe a different suggestion: Increases the chance that ammo will not break upon hitting something.

Would work as both utility and money saver (especially think of blackstone arrows)
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21-Mar-2019 16:52:58

Stella Gazer
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Stella Gazer

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With the ava's device, which they will add to every cape. Not many arrows are lost.
| could go with 1k arrows forever really.
Also ranged lack bakriminal arrows.

Perk 4 suggestion updated,,,,,,,,

31-Mar-2019 18:48:34

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1. No love for dart, axe, and glaives?
2. Reducing the channel time to 1/3 of original for the strongest ranged basic sounds a bit op.

I'd prefer if the perk affected a different ability instead of snipe. How about increase piercing shot damage from 94% to 117.5% but no longer have increased damage to bound/stunned targets? Or give rapid fire an extra tick of damage?
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04-Apr-2019 18:04:32

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