Familiars: passive mode.

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I don't like my familiar rushing into combat every single time something hits me. To me it's nothing but an inconvenience when familiars that are only there to hold your food rush into a boss only to take damage they shouldn't be taking.

They don't really do much of the total damage and no one I know brings a BoB or a buff familiar because the damage they do is so useful; it's really not.

What if I told you there was a solution, so laughably obvious, you'll wonder why this has never even been considered in the years, over a decade now, the summoning skill has been out. It works like this: there's one small additional toggle button in your familiar interface. Click it once, your pet will attack and suicide rush head first into anything and everything that dares to approach you, much like it does now. Click it again, it can't attack at all anymore. It'll chase you around like a useful non combat pet. But it holds your stuff, provides buffs, does anything a familiar would otherwise do. It just wouldn't attack anything anymore.

"And behold, it shall be called "passive mode"." - the book of Siree, chapter 12, paragraph 465b. Also known as ideas, so terrible, they may just work. Out in your local bookstore, in the "trashbin and paper fods" department.

As some particularly bright individuals may have noticed, this idea sprang forth from my seemingly infinite wisdom. I can understand why Jagex, mere mortals as they are, would never think of a concept, so utterly intrinsic, it could be compared to advanced quantum physics, the furthest reaches of cosmology or baking a proper omelette. So you're welcome, Jagex. No, I do not need to be credited. Thanks for offering, though.
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Draco Burnz said:
At what point does this happen though?
If you're talking to me, I want my familiar to start attacking as soon as possible after I engage.

Not exactly sure about what you're asking, so I'll just explain it all.
You should be able to toggle your familiar's aggressiveness. 3 options:

Option 1, "agressive":
Your familiar will attack everything that you attack or attacks you.

Option 2, "on command":
Your familiar will immediately attack only what you attack.

Option 3, "passive":
Your familiar will not attack anything.

I want option 2. (I don't want my familiar attacking the wrong things, only what I'm attacking)
Siree wants option 3. (so her BOB stops running to the boss and ends up being killed)
I think most players want option 1, which is how it is right now.

Allowing this toggle gives everyone the ability to choose what they want. Everyone is happy.
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