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Since RuneScape has so many items that compliment in-game playing, I think we all could use a new in-game complimenting item, including f2p, p2p, low level and high level players alike can benefit from these, a
Magic Gnome Medallion
& a
Golden Gnome Medallion
, once loaded with a certain amount of the same food item, can be worn in the pocket slot, while your life points are drained while fighting, (1) food item at a time will be consumed for every time your life points drop down to the amount the food item would heal you, allowing you to concentrate more on fighting, helping to eliminate the need to bank and restock as much, saving slots for more food or potions, using either one with or without a BoB can help replenish your life points while PvM'ing only, the MGM, or the GGM, can be crafted utilizing the f2p mining & smithing ores and bars, ie: (silver and gold), the MGM and GGM either equipped or in your inventory can not be used in fighting PvP areas or fighting PvM's in the wilderness, if you die in a PvP area or in the wilderness, it is always lost, even if you are using a sign, portent or prayer to protect an extra item, when used these will help all players to remain longer while fighting without the need to bank and restock as much. Once the food has been consumed, it can be reloaded at any bank or bank chest you have access to, I think the MGM should hold a maximum of 25 of the same food item and the GGM should hold a maximum of 50 of the same food item, with/without the use of a BoB, one can stay longer while fighting.

f2p = free to play player
p2p = pay to play player
PvM = player versus monster
PvP = player versus player
BoB = beast of burden (familiar)
MGM = Magic Gnome Medallion
GGM = Golden Gnome Medallion
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I believe that they are members only, but Portent of Restoration's already heal you automatically. A lot of your other suggestion is simply too overpowered in my opinion to be implemented.

EDIT (for below): complimentary can also mean 'goes well with' as an alternative definition to being a positive message ;-)
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I believe theere's enough stuff (abilities and such) to heal you already.

And where do the compliments actually get in? Do you get the item if ten people say you look good?
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