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It would be nice if NPCs didn't refer to you as your username for plenty of people. My username is fine, as it's a single name and able to be pronounced concisely.

What of poor old Feebus246070, though? Maybe he loves the idea of his name, or there is a deeper meaning none of us mortals understand. Whatever the reason, maybe he also doesn't think it too immersive that every NPC call him by his chosen user/full name every time they speak it.

My suggestion would to be to allow the player to specify an alias to introduce themself as to NPCs.
Perhaps Feebus246070 wants NPCs to refer to him as Feebs, but the actual display name is taken. Just a simple player setting to make the game slightly more immersive during conversation with NPCs.

If yay, Feebus246070 blesses you with good tidings and hopes the splinters face the correct way whilst you slide down the banisters of life.
If nay, Feebus246070 dishonors on you, and definitely dishonors on your cow.

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well, as long as it is only discussion between yourself and the npc and not involving anything else (so not affecting npc shouted chats like outside of the legends guild for example) then I don't see any issue with this :-) Ooh, a light at the end of the tunnel...
...Do you think I should get off the tracks?

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