Divination QOL + improvements

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Suggested changes:
1. INCREASE EXP for transmutation.
Currently, there's zero reason to transmute. The energy itself costs much more than the ores you transmute it into. This is equally useless for ironman, as the transmutation itself may not COST more, but it serves zero purpose.

Increasing EXP would reward the player exp and materials, at the cost of the energy itself. Kind of like, paying an expensive price for raising the skill. This does not matter for ironman. It would only allow the player to train in a different way.

2. Add divine locations for higher grade ores.
Currently there is only divine locations for the earlier ores, Luminite included. The higher ores are already settling out cost-wise, and I think it would be smart to include these, to allow ironman as well as standard accounts the capability of harvesting them.

3. Divine Ore mixes.
Grabbing various ores from different clumps of these, would brighten up the objects a bit.

4. SEPARATE divine locations.
As they stand, I barely find use for any of the other locations, other than the herbs. This is exceptionally important FOR the ironman accounts. The rest are unimportant. You can say this is theorycraft, as my aironphil is currently RAISING Divination, but I believe this would greatly improve the user experience.

5. TRANSMUTE from finished products into materials.
Difficult circumstances occur for ironman, that make it so disassembly is the only option for certain completed items, otherwise it's wasteful. However, if energy were to be spent, to convert certain things like;
; unstrung/strung bows to logs
; cut gems to uncut
; finished metal equipment to bars
; finished crafted materials to raw materials
; veggies/fruits to seeds
; cooked to uncooked fish
; finished potions to herbs or secondaries
; planks to logs
; runes to essences

This would be a huge asset to the gameplay experience, and a massive reward for raising divination.

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