Quest items starter packs.

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The Infernix

The Infernix

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Propane said:
That'd be great if we could buy starter packs for quests. GE or NPC (perphaps who sells Quest capes)
"Guilded Eggstravaganza req."
"Exchange this item for equivalent stuff at any banker"
1 Empty pot
1 Bucket
1 Uncooked berry pie
1 Uncooked apple pie
1 Uncooked meat pie
1 Cake tin
1 Pie shell
1 Egg
1 Copper ore
1 Gold ore
10 coins

I bought all that from a guy who was selling it for 150k L0L.

Also, items don't just come from the GE L0L
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23-Apr-2019 20:20:36

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