Wilderness rework ideas

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Been hearing people whine about wildy for so long since EoC, maybe something should be done?
Here is possible solutions I heard to the lack of people in wildy:

1. Instead of dropping your gear in wilderness, you drop 4x the recovery value of the gear in gp when you die.
. + if you get accidentally skulled, you don't lose bank, just a few millions at most
. + seriously cripples luring or tricking people into getting skulled
. - no more making bank if lucky
. ? What if they don't got enough gp? (Not sure how to solve that, Death could seize your items until you pay lol)

2. Boost armor dmg reduction in pvp by a lot (like around 75% reduction for t90 armors vs correct style)
. + 1 itemers with t90 weapon can no longer easily obliterate any well balanced t80 gear user
. + possibly more interesting fights
. - Can no longer expect to win big with no risk by 1 iteming

13-Feb-2019 16:59:29

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PvP is dead in RS3, no matter what.

Also, you don't loose your bank if you die in the Wildy.
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This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move.

13-Feb-2019 21:51:03

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