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Stoic n Vain

Stoic n Vain

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I'd like a toggle option for your combat level to only include summoning if you are using it. This would work similarly to how it works in the wilderness. If you are maxed and have a familiar/bob summoned, or any summoning pouch in your inventory, you'll be level 138. If you don't have a familiar summoned and also don't have a summoning pouch, you'll be level 126, if you have the toggle ON.

Examples of benefits:

You'll have the option to be shown as your current true combat prowess.
A skiller could utilise summoning, then return to being a level 3 when not using summoning.
Maxed players can once again be level 126, if they chose to be. Nostalgia.
Sum tanks and pures can remain exactly how they are.
All players who are using summoning would be completely unaffected.

Players that trained their summoning stat, but aren't currently using it, can be shown for their current combat potential (without summoning being considered, so that they aren't unfairly shown as being stronger than they actually are). This will make it clearer to determine an opponent of equal strength.



There are no flaws, disadvantages or potential for abuse. If you use or intend to use summoning, your combat level will be bumped back up to the way it was!
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25-Nov-2018 23:50:46

Stoic n Vain

Stoic n Vain

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Crystal GodCrystal God said:
Full support.

Any person who says its pointless, does not understand the purpose of your post.

most opponents at duel don't train summoning as a result for there combat level they are stronger than those with summoning, bearing in mind summoning is excluded in fights.
Ako si Ja said:
Full support. I can't see why this is only implemented in the Wilderness.
RikishiRikishi said:
I support this idea.

Why have summoning in the combat formula when you can't even use it? (No familiar in inventory or summoned.) I see that it would be especially useful in all PvP situations. It's simply a matter of math. Why have extra numbers when those numbers aren't actually powering you up?

I read all the posts in this forum and have come to the conclusion of support. Sure, maybe the idea isn't without flaw. Sure, the duel arena will always be a hive of scum and villainy, but that doesn't mean that this would have no merits. I personally would feel better having a lower combat level when I'm not summoning so when I go out fighting monsters I'll have a more accurate picture of the numbers involved.

When it comes right down to it, summoning in combat level can be deceiving in many situations, whether someone is lying to you in PvP or you're lying to yourself going out to fight normal enemies. If the numbers aren't doing anything, they shouldn't be there.

I believe it should ultimately be up to Jagex whether or not it can be toggled, as I can see some advantage to being displayed as a higher combat level, mainly being able to left click attack and not drawing aggro from lower level monsters (although I'm not entirely sure how that system works, ergo my support of Jagex deciding exactly how to implement this.) I also see how having a more accurate picture of your combat stats is helpful to one's self and one's opponents as well.
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Stoic n Vain

Stoic n Vain

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RikishiRikishi said:
As for some of the arguments I've read before in this thread:

the "you only want this for cosmetics" argument is blatantly ignoring every other idea OP put forth. Though there is valid concern in whether or not this should be a ninja fix or otherwise, as the scale of the changes needed to make this something global could affect other systems within the game.

The "combat level doesn't matter" argument is completely ridiculous. It's pure math. Combat level shows the kinds of numbers going into your combat calculations. This is useful, whether you're a pure, balanced, or whatever. Bigger numbers lead to bigger attack values, defense values, or whatever.

I feel bad for poor OP having to restate the simplest of points. I know it's because not everyone reads the entire thread, but that doesn't mean OP still didn't have to deal with it
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can i have it toggle off my defence?

ohh or even attack?

ohhh how about all my combat skills? i mean all im doing is cutting d stones.... it makes no difference i want to be shown as level 3 with max cape!!!!!

your combat level is a true representation of you. being 138... if max.

in wildy theres a reason as to why its shown or not shown. as it actually has an effect
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Stoic n Vain

Stoic n Vain

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Your defence stat is always active. Your highest offensive stat is included to create your combat level. These are necessary stats which must be taken into account when calculating your combat potential.

Summoning is not always active or able to be used. Why would a man and his beast have the same level of power as he would without his beast? It does not make sense.

I'm glad that you acknowledge the reason why it exists in the wild. That same reason can be applied to all PVP outside of the wild.
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26-Dec-2018 14:13:17

Ancient Zest
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Ancient Zest

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I support this. summoning lvl is an active ability, it should only really be active where summoning is allowed or if you're using it/carrying summoning items. If you're in an area that has summoning disabled or if you're not carrying any summoning items then it doesn't make sense for it to raise your combat and force you to fight people with better combat stats than you.
Also with summoning it's not like you can summon a powerful familar on demand at any given time, the skill doesn't work that way.

I mean combat level is about how good you are in a fight. Summoning has no effect in a straight up boxing match and its only as powerful as what you summon. To which people can see the the familars combat level so it doesn't make sense for it to raise your combat.

Tl;DR I support, good idea.

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That is honestly a really good idea because summoning has so many uses for many different scenarios that toggling it on and off may be of some use I really thought that old Runescape would have it implemented in it I'm quite disappointed that it's not.

Alternet suggestions is that have no summoning worlds for the people that don't like it
I just really want summoning back.... I miss my yak :(

I'll go members when it comes back

22-Jan-2019 14:47:21

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