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DC Leech
Fc to inquire about anything questions or prices for all your PVM needs!

Why Us?

Meme ass kills?!?!? Sick Ts/Discord Dj Skills?!?! Funny AF plays!?!??!

Look no further! We got all your needs covered. Fast, Guaranteed, Entertaining kills!

Our PVM Leech Services includes:

Vorago Hardmode Mauls! Defeater Titles! Xlogs! IFB HM KC

Raids or Feats for Daredevil

Araxxor / Rots / kk

Warden for Telos Advice and help

Nex / Angel of Death



But I'm scared I'll run out of food through the 11 long phases?

We will bring a fridge for you.... your very own personal extra pack yak (HE WILL EVEN BE TYPING

every phase) will drop you food each phase as you needed (cost not included) *(+gst)

Questions? Pm?
If you have any questions and would like to negotiate prices feel free to stop by our friend's chat
DC Leech
someone there will be more than happy to help you. If you feel more comfortable messaging feel free to message anyone of the
notable members

Tagi (Our Lord and Savior)
Tho mas
Ready Made

We're a fun bunch! Should be a good time!
Your not paying for the MAUL!
You are paying for the experience to pvm with Randu

Just Hardmode Vorago Leeches alone our service have sold:
800+ xlogs
500+ Mauls
5 "9hp" Defeaters
tons of KC

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Oblv Tagi

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"Friendly, trustworthy, easy kill and real good price thank you"

"Brought green bomb maul. Price was much cheaper than any other team. The kill was very smooth and the team was ready to go right away. I will come back for teamsplit. Thanks"

"Bought green bomb maul for a reasonable price, very smooth kill, friendly team and an all around good experience"

"Bought a Green Bomb Maul from them. Was really smooth and they gave clear friendly directions on what to do. Was super cheap and I would defo recommend them*"

"Short: 10/10 would buy again
very good directions, every call made was smooth as well as the kill
10/10 would buy again.
thank you guys.
*Green Bomb Bought*"

"Bought TS maul for cheap (2nd time buying from them) the team was willing to stay up until 2-3 am just to get me maul, ty again guys. Ill be back next week for more"

"Thanks for ts maul. Great team and really nice"

"Just bought my ts maul and the kill went perfect"

"Bought pb maul cheap, now just need scop before bombi chance. Ty again everyone"

"Haven't bought mauls, but I can vouch for them. Been with them before, they are a great group of people."

"Definitely a trustworthy group. Kills are quick with little to no complications. Highly recommended."

"Found these guys via the clan I'm in, inquired about hardmode service and received a friendly response which was not at all demanding or pushing for money. Polite team, fun kill and smooth service with no problems, 10/10 will use this service again."

"got my last hm maul last night, ty everyone who came and hopefully ill be back in a week or 2 for more kc. Gl on selling more mauls aswell"

"This team did in fact manage to get Talos a Bombi, so A+ for commitment!"

"#1 service, real dirt cheap, quality service except your first kill will be a fail for banter to trip you out making you rethink your life choices."

"If you don't have a perm team to constantly go with for bombi, rage quit and use these chaps for service."

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"Teamwork: 10/10
Banter: 10/10
Service: 10/10
3 kills = singularity, dry, bombi
Keep up the Stuff
#Randu, #Dr Devil"


"Woot 12 kc bombi xD great team 4/4 kills no failed kills
would recommend to anyone"

"Great team, explained everything great beforehand and during the kill. Everyone was friendly while on ts and was very entertaining. Would recommend 10/10."

"Thanks for the service :)"

"Great service, good banter, clean and quick kills. Would recommend to anyone looking for a HM Rago Leeches."

"These scrubs got me a team split maul, thx for making me look bad- buying gf for 1 maul"

"Great service and quick kills. Would recommend to anyone who is struggling with the title or the maul."

"Fast & Easy. Got maul on TS Would recommend 100%."

"easiest maul of my life on ts and beat any other price i could find while i was looking around for teams. ty everyone in team i would highly recommend this team for any of you looking for mauls!"

"Best prices going around, as well as a friendly helpful team.
Would highly recommend buying from these guys. A++
Thanks again guys<3"

"This team was very extremely friendly through the whole entire kill.
They helped me out so much during the kill.
Some of the best prices for mauls right now.
I would recommend this team to anyone looking at the moment.
Thank you guys so much!
~Nose Ring"

"Extremely friendly team and very helpful. Kills were quick and smooth and as title says, dirt cheap"

"A+ team, 10/10 would definitely recommend to anyone looking for cheap rates and detailed instructions during kills. Overall I've had a good experience."

"Thanks for helping me maul all my rotations and unlocking full omen outfit guys!
cheap & friendly team & smooth kills"

"would recommended 100%
Really cheap price, kill was smooth price was cheap would recommend
best team around bought some mauls and the xlogs and no failures what so ever, thanks"

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"Bought 5 mauls and bombi from them total 16 kills in HM. Only 2 known mess ups. Very fair on prices and can work around the times we wanted. thanks again for the kills. love you tagi"

"Just finished 79 xlogs with these guys definitely had a fun and amazing experience along with actually learning many mechanics of hm rago . As a guy that has years of experience with customer service I definitely give these guys a 10/10. They will always be the best hm team out there no doubt about it even setting my record of 16:49. PS: shout out to the dj the time was lit rofl"

"Really good leech service. Fast, cheap and efficient - would recommend."

"Bought NM maul plus reaper title req. I knew absolutely nothing about Vorago. I also failed the first drop but they finished the kill without worry after letting me maul. They were also much cheaper than other FCs I tried. Definitely recommend these guys."

"Bought Yaka, Vorago and Rots. Friendly & Cheap, would recommend."

"First of all amazing service.

I had never done leeches before but these guys really got me in to it.
They are great fun, fast and well just amazing from my point of view. (they even put the radio on if you want to like, hell ye)."

"Have done 3 leeches now and they all went amazing.
Keep it up guys

Much love from meh <3"

"Big vouch for a great team. Fast and very understanding on this weeks rotation."

"Very helpfull friend's chat. Teaching you what you need to know, how to survive and how to make you're unbeatable tasks into beatable!"

"Many thanks !
Very quick, easy and helpful.
Very professional service, would definitely recommend to anyone.
Did full raid and rago with maul kill."

fast, nice and helpful people that will make your kill gauranteed.
thanks for helping me out ;)"

"no doubt you will get what you search for here,
fast easy and very helpful, thanks!!
Just bought an Angel of Death kill.... Professional, Trustworthy, and Knowledgeable."

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"What more could you want
One word...Amazing!
Cheers again for a fast and easy AOD kill :) Would recommend.
Top tier teams and memes."

"Highly recommend.
Bought an aod leech without even knowing if I needed a key.
Cheap and easy, very friendly+professional bunch :)
Would reccomend to anyone"

"Bought a rots kill from here, team was set up fast, was told what to do, got the kill nicely, would recommend :)"

"Amazing group! Have purchased multiple raids kills from them and am so pleased with how quick they are and how easy they make it. 10/10 would recommend! Thanks guys for being so awesome"

"What can i say .. but awesome group! It was hilarious to hear you guys have fun and i got the kill + drops i needed, so much worth it
Thanks for the kills :)"

"Would recommend highly, kills were a breeze.
Thanks guys for the full raid and the rago kill! there are some great people in there group and making laughs as well. and all for a very good price."

"This group is a well oiled machine. Prices were fair and a team was ready to go at a moment's notice. I went in with zero experience and the team did a great job showing me the ropes. I died the first kill (I'm a noob) but the team was happy to continue until I got my kill. What more could you ask for.

Thanks again guys,


"Very well put together group of people. Joined the fc to ask questions, and everyone was polite to answer quickly. I was in a kill within 10 minutes after asking as well. Price was the cheapest I've seen as well. Would definitely recommend for anyone needing any boss kills :)
Thanks for the run!"

"Now I'm not going to comment on prices, as I don't even know what a fair price is for these kind of things.

But their service is good and efficient! Informative, easy, clean."

"Got me the kills i needed for the reaper title, everyone was really friendly and helpful along the way, definitely recommend them to anyone struggling with/to find a team for any bosses. :D"

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"Going for reaper title for comp, they helped me with a ROTS kill. Very fast, cheap and informative. Will definitely be back for my other reaper title kills. Thanks!"

"[VORAGO] Good price, superior service."

"Very fast and smooth kills, would recommend it to anyone looking for easy kills!
awesome fc!
they are friendly and helpful"

"i bought a rise of the six team for 1 kill , and they even offered me a 3m discount due to a misunderstanding (paid the full price cause those things can happen).

^^ think they'll see me again"

"recently bought a maul for anther account and was a really smooth kill. Guys are great and fun to be around. Good pricing
Sales went perfect.... Legit it's asf"

"DC Leech Service has helped me obtain many Vorago Hardmode Kills Xlogs for the Insane Final Boss Title! Kills are smooth and the instructions are clear :) But most importantly the price is right and the people are great :D

`¸.•*¸.•*´¨)¸.•*¨) `¸.•*¸.•*´¨)¸.•*¨) B U M P `¸.•*¸.•*´¨)¸.•*¨) `¸.•*¸.•*´¨)¸.•*¨)"

OGI Kitty said:
Awesome job, recommend to everyone whos looking to do end game PvM for their comp/reaper. Quick and easy to understand instructions, super friendly too!~ 10/10 would do it again

Nerdgasmic said:
Definitely buy from these guys if you're looking for overrides/defeater. They were a really good team!
Slim Camel said:
Great service. excellent kill on first attempt. 10/10
Jacob August said:
For less than half the price than the other Raids teams out there I got in touch with for a Yakamaru leech to reclaim my spot as a completionist, these guys made me able to finally get my cape back!

And as a bonus, I got a Codex aswell :P

Big vouch, thanks again guys!


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MyRsCrashed said:
Got a yaka kill from them and it went very well! Within 30 minutes of joining the FC i had the kill and it was very cheap!
phoenyxx said:
They had a team ready for me in like <15 mins, super nice and super professional. Thanks guys <3
Crioh said:
Perfect team even if you don't know anything about vorago ur in very safe hands :D
Katz Wraith said:
Fab Rots kill, team were great, quick and efficient, thanks guys :)
Random Hobo said:
Huge thanks to these guys i died a few times but was my fault they got the job done. Thanks for the maul guys!!
Mr Rib said:
Ty for the fast yaka kill guys. Made it seem so easy. Hopefully I can start getting into teams now and show off my comp cape as well ;).
Oasis v2 said:
Got a hardmode vorago kill first try with no experience, talked through the whole kill and they made it easy, thanks again.
3oz said:
These guys are awesome!!!! Great affordable service and the whole team was very informative, knowledgeable, and trustworthy!

Def will use this service again!


311 said:
Great service. I bought an AOD leech and the first attempt I actually died (not because of their lack of skill) and they were patient and did another kill for me. 10/10
CelestiaRose said:
Was really smooth and cheaper than the other groups I asked and I even got dank memes on top of it!
Green Cafe said:
Great fc and trustworthy group!! I recommend this fc for anyone who wants to leech reasons is that its cheap ,friendly group, and easy smooth kills!! :)

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SAM_PAGAN1N1 said:
Super fast, thanks!
Obus said:
Just finished a yakamaru kill with DC Leeches, fantastic service, they taught me the basics of the boss, as soon as I joined the fc I got a reply instantly and everyone was very friendly. A great experience I would strongly recommend it to anyone looking to get kills!
Miley said:
Bought my friend multiple leeches from different sources, this was not only the cheapest but also the quickest & the easiest. Would highly recommend to anyone.
Sai Is Toxic said:
Paid for 4 Yaka feats, group was very thorough with getting me to do what I needed in order to help the team get me my feats. Paid per feat as we started the feat. Would recommend to my 1 friend.
Torso Seller said:
Good Group of People to Leech off of i have gotten Two Maul Leeches Both were Fast And easy they talk you thought it all Would Recommend them to anyone! <3
Scarlet Soul said:
Cheap cost to get rots/rago/raids (both) and aod done in a short matter of time. Great work by these guys and would definitely recommend to everyone who wants kills for comp cape. Explained the mechanics easy enough and never had any issues and even allows people to maul rago and get dps for books from aod! Again, this is an awesome team of people!!!
Main Tank said:
Great group for maul leaches got my maul really fast and easy for a good price!
arachnidGrip said:
Quick, easy, and affordable hard mode Vorago Kill. Gave nice clear instructions and were very friendly. Would recommend this team.
Maou Nobu said:
Great service. comes with a free maul from trim comp which is nice with the leech

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Two Raw said:
Bought bombi xlogs from this fc and they were cheap and we ready to go asap. Did not fail and team was great/funny on ts. Will recommend/use again for other leeching needs!
TLovesHisT said:
100% recommended. Cheap prices and friendly Fc! I'm a complete PvM noob, and Tagi and the group were great, patient and incredibly helpful and finally helped me get my AoD kill. Thanks fellas!

10/10 service
4SeenBlight said:
Got to say Tagi did a wonderful job in helping me do AOD, Rise of the six, And last but not least full raid. Was cheaper then I expected they new what they were doing was each kill was fast. Felt it went so well decided to give and extra tip to the person that chatted me through all of it.

Thanks again was a huge help in getting my comp cape
Zarlion said:
Great service for Hardmode Rago, Helpful and friendly, would recommend to anybody looking for a quick leach.

Staryu said:
ty for accomidating chitin leach. Normally u dont do it seems like but u guys did it for me so thanks :). Seem like nice guys too, would buy again
Cips said:
Great service, friendly team thanks.
Lous Tool said:
got yaka and rago from them, quick, friendly, and competitively priced!
PainterNinja said:
Great service! Every boss kill went super smoothly and Tagi was great with explaining everything I needed to do. They even let me maul at Rago. Awyeee
Mavrick882 said:
Excellent service. Simple, effective and fast. Everything you could want!
LWJ said:
Great service for Nex Angel of Death! Quick and simple, would definitely recommend them for a leech if anyone needs :)

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Marios said:
straight to the point, informative and just very nice in-general!
kamikaze even meme'd during the kill and did a handbang emote, showing how clean the kill was!

would highly recommend!
Karda Monk said:
Bought defeater ,everything went smooth ,very friendly and helpful team :D.
Im 9 Hp said:
[I'm leaving this as a review of my experience with this service]

I happened to find this service by chance through word of mouth of one of my clan members. I was skeptical at first as they had offered to get me "the Defeater" title AND any omen set piece included (I went for the maul). I waited a month for the proper rotation. The service leader (Tagi) was incredibly helpful. He walked me through the steps his team would take to insure that my account would be safe as it is a 9 hp skiller. They streamed the kill attempts and chatted with me on discord during the entire session. Sadly, due to bad connection, we failed 3 attempts and ended the night there.

Most leech groups do 1 of 3 things:

1) scam
2) charge a ridiculous price for service
3) take your money in exchange for only a few attempts

...this group is completely different though. After the failed session, the leader refunded my money and promised that they would attempt the kill the following day. The next day I was pleased to find that they were able to complete the kill in one try and in only a few minutes. I realize that was no small feat as they had told me that this is the first time they had brought a 9 hp through a HC 'rago fight. As a result of their combined effort I'm happy to announce my position as the second only 9hper with the defeater title and omen maul. This is by far the friendliest and most helpful leech team I've ever come across. I've already referred them to my skiller friends and will definitely use them again in the future.

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