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Sodden Hound

Sodden Hound

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Sodden Hound said:
Mud squelched underneath the woman's boots as she walked, feeling the cold night air on her skin. Humming a tune, she began to speak to herself between verses.
"Enslaved by a Mahjarrat."
A breeze blew by, disturbing the mist that had settled over the swamp.
"Shot down by Saradomin's Inquisition."
The wind picked up, and the fog started to clear. The woman twirled around, stretching her arms to the sky in a carefree dance.
"Betrayed by his sister and his own ambitions."
And in the fog's place, a thick miasma rolled in.
"Took her own life before disease could."
She stopped, a veritable gale of dread whirling through the swamp.
"Legends are nice and all, but I think I can make their stories better. More epic. With just a bit more... pizzazz."
One by one, the knights fell to the toxic air, and the woman approached the Abyss with melodic and rhythmic steps.
"Yea, I'll do them one better."
And the music stopped.


Across the world, faint disturbances could be felt.
Druids and summoners would note that the spirit world felt more... Familiar. Like the spirits they called on were old friends.
Necromancers and undead would feel that Death seemed... preoccupied. The afterlife no longer called for them.
And the Moonclan found that their dreams were too surreal. Hyper-realistic, if you will.
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