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Livvi said:
1.) I never sleep
2.) Wizard tower YE BOI
3.) YE BOI
5.) Defensive magic: How glyphs and wards will be your bloody life saviour - Anna Renderra, name pending, if I can do it pending (-Stare at membership-)

Well I just noticed the date and I am abroad visiting a good friend of mine so I can try but I might actually be asleep for once lol

implying you'd show up at all, Liv <3

1) I'd go with like 10 PM EST.

2) Maybe a POH? So we can kick out any crashers and trolls.

3) I'd LIKE to say yes, but with everyone's disagreements on magic, it never seems to work out too seamlessly. Unless we can all agree to just roll with each other's actions in magic combat, then I don't think we should do it. Aside from, of course, if people decide to have some magical duels on their own during the Conclave, but having it as part of the event can be iffy.

3a) Maybe. See above.

4) I'd like to say yes - maybe an auction of magical objects, but otherwise, it doesn't seem like it'll appeal to a lot of people.

5) Pooossibly. Still considering whether I want to, and then whether or not any of my characters would.

5b) N/A for now.
Mods pls notice me

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