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You can't revive a Mahjarrat.
They're divine, so their energy disperses on death and returns to the world -- or, it goes to other entities.
Their divine soul is part of the energy that disperses and dissipates.
They have no afterlife.
Their bodies disappear a while after death unless preserved magically (Palkeera in the Shadow Realm).
What Hazeel did is similar to torpor, albeit a magical and enhanced one.
Saying your Mahjarrat did that without telling anyone OOC is kinda just a shitty excuse to not let them be killed.
I'd say you could POSSIBLY contact the lingering fragments of their consciousness -- the concept art for Mah's Nightmares labels the gemstones on their foreheads as 'mind stones', so I assume a Mahjarrat's crystal is the same as the Nightmare crystals, plus you can see the Mahjarrat's last thoughts with them. So MAYBE if you kept the crystal, you could recreate the Mahjarrat to an extent -- albeit with many memories missing along with knowledge being lost; essentially a new Mahjarrat. MAYBE.
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