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Name: Vauna Vandrake

Age: Late 30s

Physical description: Stands at about 5'9", with long dark hair that is usually kept in a braid to keep it out of the way when on missions. Her standard equipment includes a wristbow, along with an arbalest that is usually mounted on her back. Her gear and clothing changes depending on her mission, but her standard outfit is a blue and black leather bodysuit adorned with Saradomin Stars, along with red lenses akin to sunglasses over her eyes.

History: Has been part of the wealthy nobility in Asgarnia for most of her life, though she grew up in the Abbey of Saint Elspeth Citharede, and as such serves as a priestess in Saradomin's clergy. Upon her return to Asgarnia after departing the Abbey, she quickly entered the ranks of the White Knights, and, after several years, was approached by the Temple Knights. She also has a history as a slayer (self-proclaimed "Night Hunter" ) of dark creatures, such as vyres, werewolves, demons, and undead.

Rank held: Lieutenant
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