Tirannwn: Prifddinas claiming?

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In terms of canon, she has Eluned AND the Dark Lord shards back within her, due to a majority of RS players choosing that. So appearance-wise, it's the With-Eluned appearance.

Keep the eight clan lords. Baxtorian does not want to be king again, and most elves greatly respect his opinion on that, so I doubt the majority of elves would want another king anyways.

And, if anything, keep NPC rule there. Elves live for centuries, some living for millenia, so their rulers don't just change willy-nilly every two months like we do for the human kingdoms in W42 canon. It just wouldn't make sense -- being a clan leader is a choice that you don't just step down from anytime soon. However, feel free to have "second-in-commands" to the clan leaders, who can be RPed and changed as frequently as necessary, to deal with the matter of OOC and IC leadership decisions.

And obviously, collab with Blox, yea?

That's all I got, good luck.
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