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So, ignoring the fact my laptop **** itself and died and I'm getting RS withdrawal symptoms, I've focused and redirected that creativity towards a story based in the RS universe, which I'm intending to expand perhaps into a series of RPs and plots.

The general theme is that each story takes place on a separate world somewhere within the multiverse, each world is unique, of course. What starts off as a group of individuals searching for something in another world, leads to a wild goose chase across the universe, with intrigue and mystery thrown in at every world and opportunity.

I figured this could be a cool opportunity to find out what creative worlds that you may have created and be willing to share, and story/setting permitting, would be interested in possibly collaborating on a story based on your creations.

So, yeah. Go nuts. World name? New race? Terrain? Society? Culture? And all of that. I'd love to hear it all.
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24-May-2016 17:20:39

Bruce Willis
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Bruce Willis

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This is what I do half the time anyways. ¸¤·.¸.·¤´˜¨Live and let Die¨˜´¤·.¸.·¤¸

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26-May-2016 18:46:49

Noctis Ryder

Noctis Ryder

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I'm game. I'm actually in the middle of writing a book, so I'm willing to throw around some ideas.

Essentially, the world I'd propose would be a Gielinor stuck in an Industrial Revolution. Imagine a more "steam punk" Runescape, but it still retains many of its fantasy elements. Air ships, trains, primitive automobiles. Elves, knights, vampyres. It's all there.

My main I roleplay actually originates from this "alternate" Gielinor. It's lore-friendly, in the sense that there are no new races or anything drastic. The only thing that's truly different is the technology being used and the idea of different parallel dimensions.

I'm not sure if this is what you're looking for, but message me if you'd like more details.
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28-May-2016 06:05:15

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