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This private roleplay group is intended to be without drama, so I will be involved with this roleplay until drama presents itself. I won't be posting on the forums, as per usual, but I will be available for roleplay on the Discord Server.

05-Jan-2019 02:08:25

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I personally agree with this, I came into 42 with no idea of what or who was in charge. Laws, rules, regulations, so on and so forth, the first thing someone tried to do was recruit me into their army.

After a while I got dragged into the drama, I saw a lot of the poisonous players, and I was about to quit. But I found some like-minded individuals, and we realized we don't actually have to care about who is fighting who, or who is king of what. We are random peasants, and we aren't in their army, so what does it matter if we decide to RP what we please. No need to take the RP drama into real life, or grind others into the dirt for not doing what you want. Just, be a good person.
I would join this group if possible.
"When people told their past with stories, explained their present with stories, foretold the future with stories. The best place by the fire was saved for, The Storyteller"-John Hurt, The Storyteller intro.

05-Jan-2019 02:15:04

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Well, uh..- I don't have a whole lot of free time and I generally like to spend it doing other things but I guess I'm still down to rp because I'm still here paying $10 for it. I'm not making a new character but I have one that wanders the woodlands around Relleka and Northern Camelot hunting and such so I guess he'd likely be a trusted outsider because of his trading and occasional support of the locals but I don't wanna be presumptuous.

That's about all I got, I s'pose.

Oh, and I don't do social media so Discord's out lol.
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