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Jagex held a fun lil' lore corner where they answered questions a while back, but eventually they get taken down and sometimes the folks at the Runescape Wiki forget to save 'em for sources or whatever so I figured I might as well compile the info that's mostly relevant to RP in a lovely little thread here.

So like idk a page of reserves maybe??

Here's the thread for people who want it:

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Humans can find, and use, alternatives for runestones in their magic.

Runic magic is a strictly Gielinorian phenomenon.

Humans can move beyond the need for runes, just like the rest of the Moonclan.

Souls are 100% confirmed to be a form of anima (for those of you who thought the direct Latin translation wasn't enough proof).

Souls going to the Afterlife returns their anima to the Anima Mundi of the planet.

Divination can be used to extract memories from other divine beings, and possibly any sentient creature.

Infernal contracts absolutely cannot be forced. Consent is a part of its magical workings.

Anima is akin to natural resources (crude oil), divine energy is akin to the refined product (petrol), and magic is the usage of these substances (combustion).

There are other spells and schools of magic that haven't yet appeared in game (such as mind, nature, and light magic), and some forms still undiscovered.

Items smuggled out of Daemonheim would, in fact, retain their enhanced and/or magical properties.

All the Spirit Realms, Planes, Worlds, etc. are all likely the same place, or rather, 'pockets' of spiritual existence within a greater plane, formed by belief.

The Shadow Realm of a plane sits 'askew', and the Underworld of a plane sits 'below'.

Supposedly, the other sapient race on New Domina with the icyene was the 'darkness to their light', the 'devils to their angels'. Sounds kinda Saradominst propaganda-ey, so relevant for anyone with icyene characters.

Zilyana's sword is made of steel.

Not even Sliske had mastery of the Shadow Realm. Nope.

More powerful Mahjarrat turn to stone on death, rather than disappearing. Jagex said that, in hindsight, Lucien should have turned to stone.

Vampyres, including turned ones, are in no way, shape, or form, a type of undead.

Other skilled diviners can view the echoes at the Memorial to Guthix, provided they gather the memory strands and engrams themselves.
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Tower of Life can, for all intents and purposes, be considered retconned. (Previous mods have expressed the same opinion in the past, this is just another mod agreeing)

All Cywir elves can shapeshift, not just their general in the Heart. They'd apparently embedded crystals into their bodies back on Tarddiad, just like the others, but came to Gielinor and were rationed more properly, allowing them to stay sane while gaining the shapeshifting abilities.

It's implied all chthonians can shapeshift, though whether or not they're all intelligent or sapient enough to do so and understand it is another question.

Amascut eradicated the four lesser desert gods (Het, Apmeken, Crondis, and Scabaras) in the Fourth Age.

Aviansie do, in fact, eat bugs.

Gay Mahjarrat breeding is possible maybe????

Slight implications that Teragard is currently in some sort of planet-wide civil war, or they're all just a**holes.

Afterlives are formed through belief.

Animal souls turn into devourer beasts when they die?? RIP doggos.

Redberries taste really bad to goebies.

Chthonians are sorta fire-retardant, or immune to high heat.

Lower planes in this cycle have corrupted, unstable anima that produces vicious and violent creatures (demons, vyres, etc). These creatures tend to have inherent magical abilities, and are runeless.

Armadyl has not yet reclaimed the Empyrean Citadel.

The Mahjarrat are no more powerful than tier 6 after the final Ritual, a step up from being low tier 7.

Any god could theoretically cause another being to ascend, at the expense of their own power.

The EoC abilities, specifically the magic ones, such as Wrack, Chain, and Surge, are NOT canon.

Sirens and mermaids are different species.

In theory, both food and music can be used as substitutes for runes in spellcasting.

The act of a Mahjarrat dying near the Marker is (was) enough to constitute the Ritual of Rejuvenation, though there was likely some magic involved for stabilization of the ritual.
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Sodden Hound

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Seren's ability to compel devotion in her elves is still a HUGELY prominent part of their love for her. So even elves that hate her, will love her as well.

Jagex has no idea how crossbreeding works, they just do it for story reasons whenever they want to. Take that as you will in terms of RP story.

Aquamancy and hydromancy are synonymous, and can be explained with language differentiation over different regions through the millennia. As such, this likely means that terramancy is an acceptable name for geomancy, and bibliomancy is suitable for libraromancy.

Vanstrom, for the millionth time, was Ascertes Hallow, husband of Efaritay.

Fairies are tied to Gielinor's Anima Mundi, maintaining the planet. Failing to do so is detrimental to their well-being. So Fairy Godfather = stupid bad meanie.

Quartz - meaning amethyst, jasper, onyx, chalcedony, and so on - is rarer on Gielinor, due to differences in the composition of the planet compared to Earth. Similarly, lava on Gielinor is less viscous, and less dangerous to be around (they called it boiling kool-aid ayy) - still dangerous to be touched by, though.

More chronomancy stuff.

A big part of the Zarosian faith was how younger, lesser gods would kneel before Zaros and yield to him. As in, Zaros could be seen as the 'god of gods' by more zealous followers.

The vyre rofldodge is not magic, and it's not mindreading. It's a seemingly (to an outsider) unnatural instinct.
Side note: In the Old Blood, it's implied it's limited to what the vyre can see, indicated by Drakan getting surprise-attacked in melee range from behind.

The reason so many different Mahjarrat can have so many different magical affinities than each other that are seemingly unrelated is due to Mah 'mixing the colors'. Seren was light, Zaros was dark, both extremes at opposite ends of the spectrum, and the Mahjarrat's varying magic is a result of the light and dark being mixed differently for each Mahjarrat.
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Seaver Price said:
All those times I had cheapshotted instruments of violence into someone with a Surge. Darn. I had headcanon'd abilities being like commonplace techniques that people learned.

Can always just say it was a telekinetic blast that propelled the object <3
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