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Sodden Hound said:
Soup Spitter said:
Despite my very busy schedule between work and school, I'll drop this app here for potential rp in the future.

Also Mumbo talks and even writes in the first person, to clear up any confusion about the janky app.

Staff Application
Name: Mumbo Jumbo
Age: Not really know
Nation of origin: Nation? From Karamja.
Position applying for: Magic man. Wizard.
Why do you wish to work at the tower?: Mumbo enjoys magic, wanna study, teach.
Prior teaching experience (If applicable): No
Magical specialty: Mumbo can make make many potions, use many spells. Not have a favorite.
Which order fits you best?: Green.
References: No

Third person, sir


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02-Sep-2016 04:06:40

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