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Name: Mirabelle Rose Thorne
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Nation of origin: Kandarin
Magical experience: Learned a few party tricks from my late father, but otherwise none.
Why do you wish to study the art of magic?: It's something to channel myself into.
What word best describes the path you will take as a Scholar?:
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Staff Application

Edgar Dae


Nation of origin:
Regretfully, Kandarin.

Position applying for:
A teaching position.

Why do you wish to work at the tower?:
As a second generation Tower graduate, I was filled with tales of the arcane might and deep learning of the Wizard's Tower from a young age. Through my time enrolled at the Tower as a student, I only began to understand the magical secrets of the realm. I hope teaching is truly the best method of learning as some claim it is.

Prior teaching experience:
None that applies

Magical specialty:
My magical experience lays with law magics, magical artifacts, and runecrafting, and I would be able to teach a course on any of them depending on what the Tower deems appropriate.

Which order fits you best?:
During my time at the Tower, I was enrolled in the Grey Order.

Unfortunately, my previous employer during my time as a supply officer in Edgeville is still missing in action, though in terms of personal references Felix Nocte can vouch for my professionalism, as well as (and I hesitate to include this in a resume) my mother, Valencia.


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Name: Elijah Mithrin
Gender: Male, half human/ half elf
Age: 82 ( tho I appear not a day over 16)
Nation of origin: Kandarin, a settlement just outside Yanille
Magical experience (If applicable): I have marched to battle along side kings, I have healed the sick and created New arts I am a student forever that needs no master but Knowledge itself

Why do you wish to study the art of magic?: I come to the wizards tower in seek of knowledge, I wish to learn what I do not know and share what I already have. I am a seeker

What word best describes the path you will take as a Scholar?: (Ingenuity, Power, Knowledge, Health)

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Updated the rosters. You're in, of course.


Since the 31st of August, I have been unable to log in actively, due to loss of internet. Fortunately, yesterday I got internet set up again, and I am ready to kick Tower things back into gear.

The time is now for teachers to teach, students to study, and for the usual shenanigans to begin. Also, I do encourage everyone, Tower or not, to bring your plots, and ideas, to us.

Let's get this rolling, friends!
Hi, I'm Dan.

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