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Non family member application:

Name: Wendy
Age: 14
Race: Human
Rank wanted: Heck off
Physical description: Stands at about 5'4" with a small frame. She has raven-blue hair (colored through magical means; naturally brunette) that is usually held in some form of ponytail or pigtails. Not much else of note about her appearance.
Personality: Docile and quiet, Wendy is compassionate and pacifistic. That said, when angered or threatened, she can be ruthless in her actions of retaliation and vengeance. Otherwise, she prefers to stay on the sidelines and make sure everyone is tended to instead of engaging in violence.
Born to a line of dragonslayers hailing from Forinthry, Wendy has a lot to live up to. In her generation of children in the family, she was chosen to be one of the healers. Thus, she was taught healing magic and methods that could (supposedly) heal wounds from even the legendary dragonkin. The pressure was a bit much for her to handle, however, so she bailed, becoming a wanderer without a sense of purpose until she found the Selians.
Recruitment Type: The peaceful one
Guesting or Joining: Guesting
Timezone: PST

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