The Kingdom of Hynafiaid

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The Kingdom of Hynafiaid

Table of Contents

1.0 - Table of Contents (You are here)
1.1 - In-Character Introduction
1.2 - In-Character Introduction (Cont.)
1.3 - Context on Our Role-Play
1.4 - Application Template
1.5 - Census
1.6 - Census (Cont.)
1.7 - Census (Cont.)
1.8 - Events & Contact Information
1.9 - Guidelines

2.0 - The Amddiffynnwr Uchel
2.1 - The Amddiffynnwr Uchel (Cont.)
2.2 - The Amddiffynnwr Uchel (Cont.)
2.3 - The Amddiffynnwr Uchel (Cont.)
2.4 - The Amddiffynnwr Uchel (Cont.)
2.5 - The Elven Inquisiton
2.6 - The Elven Inquisition (Cont.)
2.7 - The Ceisiwyr
2.8 -
2.9 -

3.0 - Character Obituary
3.1 - Event Template
3.2 - Inquisitor's Edicts
3.3 -
3.4 -
3.5 -
3.6 -
3.7 -
3.8 -
3.9 -

4.0 - Holdings
4.1 - Holdings (Cont.)
4.2 - Holdings (Cont.)
4.3 - Holdings (Cont.)
4.4 -
4.5 -
4.6 -
4.7 -
4.8 -
4.9 -

5.0 -
5.1 -
5.2 -
5.3 -
5.4 -
5.5 -
5.6 -
5.7 -
5.8 -
5.9 -

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Context on Our Role-Play

The Kingdom of Hynafiaid is a primarily elven role-play centered around the continuation of the story of the Telemmaitë family, and the elves they lead in settling the lands east of Arandar. The story right now zooms in on a part of the ongoing saga as the elves launched an invasion of, and conquered, from Eagles Peak all the way to the Rangers' Guild. Though unable to make breakthroughs into urban areas to take cities like Ardougne, the elves were able to make use of effective guerilla warfare to take the mostly-rural regions they needed to found an elven kingdom in Kandarin.

Now the role-play will be centering its activity into three blocs; civilian, royal guard and noble/royal role-play. It's a long-term project with interests in helping to bring new role-players into W42 and help bring interaction between multiple different groups of role-plays, as well as developing and fleshing out main characters and plotlines that will last for a very, very long time for those involved.

Add and speak to 'Merca' or 'Bloxzor' in-game if you'd like to know more.

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Application Template

(I have all applicants speak with me about their characters before any role-play begins. Because of this and the general distaste for applications, you may either choose the longer application and have to explain very little to me in-game, or the shortened one and have a bit more explaining to do; with all of that being said, I'd still suggest the longer version, for future reference.)

Lengthened Version


Character Name:

Age (Please note we do not really have any official system for aging elves, and accept that it seems to be different for all elves):

Race (Elves are generally advised for the nature of this RP, with exceptions):

Sector of RP (Civilian, Amddiffynnwr Uchel or Noble/Royal):


Physical Description:





Anything else you'd like us to know?:

Shortened Version

Username(s)/Character Name/Age/Race/Occupation/Sector of RP

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Royalty/Nobility Census

Talonser/Coed Rhydderch/224/Elf/King of Hynafiaid

Lianna98/Tailynn 'Ithell' Telemmaitë/289/Elf/Duchess of Kantor

Bloxzor/Kywel 'Ithell' Telemmaitë/58/Elf/Prince of Hynafiaid

Huntyar/Círdan 'Ithell' Telemmaitë/276/Elf/Courtier

Alotor/Glaerun 'Ithell' Telemmaitë/181/Elf/Courtier

QueenArasene/Aelwen 'Ithell' Telemmaitë/218/Elf/Courtier

Lagasse/Navarre 'Iorwerth' Telemmaitë/412/Elf/Courtier

Luna fox/Bronwen/97/Elf/Baroness

Zeo Darkaxe/Zeo 'Ithell'/Around 300/Half-Elf/Baron

Ami/Amelia Estelle/210/Elf/Noblewoman

Fizzy Blood/Chris Carter/33/Human/Artist/Noble

Amddiffynnwr Uchel

Merca/Merca Undomer/370/Elf/Uwchfeistr

Bloxzor/Troswyd 'Iorwerth'/327/Elf/Capten

Tulak/Tulak 'The Fist'/29/Elf/Capten

HoroWiseWolf/Aeronwen 'Iorweth'/138/Elf/Capten

CReD x GRaVe/Elion 'Hefin' Romar/300/Elf/Capten

God Rovin/Arwyn 'Iorwerth'/169/Capten

Magnickicent/Daenin 'Iorwerth' Ravalar/199/Elf/Raglaw

Role-Player/Olyffaar 'Iorwerth'/328/Elf/Elitaidd Rhingyll

PaperDoll/Sularwyn 'Crwys'/153/Elf/Cymorth

Cloud180/Daere Cleddyf/131/Elf/Gorfforol

Fara Man/Aventius 'Traehaern'/124/Elf/Gorfforol

Glacies Nyr/Baradir Indarys/221/Elf/Gorfforol

Red Two/Vanto/290/Elf/Gorfforol

Kittenphantom/Carwen Gwenlan/170/Elf/Gorfforol

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Census (Cont.)

Amddiffynnwr Uchel (Cont.)

Tirius Wryn/Tsuril Raedaan/223/Elf/Recriwtio Posibl

Blade Cairan/Aerith/92/Elf/Recriwtio Posibl

Alulucard/Marwolaeth 'Traehaern'/132/Elf/Recriwtio Posibl

Cy Pridez/Aragorn 'Cadarn' Primus/410/Elf/Recriwtio Posibl

Nathmatics/Beldaran 'Cadarn'/275/Elf/Recriwtio

Serene Cat/Ifaldel Tyllsia/438/Elf/Recriwtio

Ptolemy Dean/Tangwystl 'Amlodd'/114/Elf/Recriwtio

Maraton88/Ayesina 'Hefin'/250/Elf/Recriwtio



RadicalCantr/"Sanguis" Doyle Jenkins/57/Human/Sellsword

Adenydd/Adenydd/40/Mixed (1/2 Elf, 1/2 Icyene)/Huntress

Serene Cat/Grifadel Alowen/634/Elf/Librarian

Nathmatics/Aeron Alwyn/56/Elf/Crystal Singer

Crestaron/Crest Lorrenos/2000+/Icyene/Adventurer

Magnickicent/Zean 'Ithell' Ravalar/46/Elf/Healer


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Events & Contact Information

While we do not have any kind of schedule set in stone, I generally announce the time and date of a planned RP session with 4-12+ hours in advance for a regular RP, and usually at least 48+ hours in advance for a major plot-based role-play.

Our clan chat is 'Kingdom of Hynafiaid'; currently open to recruiting as well as guesting, full or part-time.

The best way of contacting me is by adding 'Merca' in-game and posting on the thread your username and that you'd like to speak with me. I will add you and offer you an invite to our Discord. It's not mandatory to join our Discord- but it's highly recommended, with better access to our lore, playerbase and the times/dates of scheduled events.

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General Rules

Here in Hynafiaid we keep it loose to promote more fun and accessible rp, however there are a few concrete rules all members must follow:

1. Admin/host decisions are final, and all members must comply if they are told by the event host to stop what they are doing or void an unreasable/obviously unfair emote. If members feel administrator decisions are unfair or unjustified they may take it up with someone higher ranking after (and not during) the event.

2. In-Character rp combat is to be properly sanctioned by the appropriate parties. While scuffles/brawls happen and are usually allowed, people killing/seriously maiming other people's characters is discouraged unless a duel is properly refereed by a host or trusted combat rper.

3. While normal scheduled events are not mandatory, clan meetings and keeping up to date with the thread and announcements on discord is essential for rpers to fully grasp what is happening in current plotlines and to make sure they know when rp is taking place.

4. Respect and cooperation are golden rules here: there will be no intentional repeated antagonization or harrassment of others in-character or out of character. If a member feels another rper is targeting them specifically they are encouraged to tell an admin.

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