The White Knights of Falador

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Sodden Hound

Sodden Hound

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Character Name: Roran Horst

Character Age: 21

Character Race: Human

Character Description/History:

Preferred Class: Medic -- If you want the combat part, then an archer

Is the quest "Wanted!" complete?: Yep!

Clan/RP Experience: Have been an admin of Kandarin, a member of Asgarnia, Misthalin, and the Wizards' Tower. Combatwise, I've participated in several battles in Asgarnia, especially during the Invasion of Falador event, and more recently the defense of Giants' Hill. I also have experience with magical combat, but this isn't a mage character.

White Knight Experience: Last time I've been part of a White Knight group was probably when Falador was under Kanin, but it wasn't for too long. I currently have a Temple Knight, though, who was previously a White Knight (albeit she was a WK almost 4 years ago).

Will you follow ALL of the rules?: Yes

Why do you want to join this clan?: Because Saradomin or something. *Nod*

Timezone (Optional): Pacific Standard

Any extra information: I'm fabulous.

Celifornia / Roran Horst / July 5th, 2016
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