The Guardians of Armadyl

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Guardians of Armadyl
are a military order loyal to Armadyl and based in the Temple of Ikov. The Guardians are an ancient organisation tasked with guarding the Staff of Armadyl, an Elder Artefact once used by the god, protecting it from potential thieves such as demons or Mahjarrat.

1. Membership.

2. knowledge with the Lore of the guardians, and Armadyl.

3. Completion of the Temple of Ikov (recommended, not forced upon)

4. Completed the application.

FriendChat: Gladiatocs

Discord: Ask to join.

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Not much are known about the guardians of armadyl after the death of Lucien, what is known is the group had fought with Armadyl during his battle with Bandos, and some members were with the god of justice in Sliske's end game. The current situation of the Guardians are dire, as they are somewhat disbanded, still attempting to survive the harsh time of little support after the incident within Camelot.

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Ranks and Uniforms

The Marshal is one appointed to lead the organization. A council dedicated to them is created to ensure the guardians no longer disband or cause any distrust.

Knight Guardian
The Knight Guardians are the most elite of the military factor. They are not only powerful combatants, but capable leaders and field officers.

Knight Seraph
A high-ranking officer, which like the lower components of Guardian command may assume command of infantrymen; however, if given special permission by a Knight Guardian or the Grand Master, they may also assume command of members of Special Operations.

Knight Exemplar
A field officer which may assume command of infantrymen only. They are seasoned, and well-respected individuals of command, as the rank lying just above that of the lowest component, the Knight of Armadyl.

Knight of Armadyl
The knight is a proven and capable combatant who is formally selected from the Infantry or the Special Operations to be granted knighthood, and thus the authority of the lowest officer on a battlefield. A Knight may assume command of Infantry only.

The infantryman or agent is a newly recruited member of the Vanguard; this is where Guardians begin their service, and the most elite of which are plucked from their places to be granted knighthood and elevate the ranks of the order. They are the bulk of the forces.

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Temple of Ikov
Hidden under the hills of Kandarin's Northmarch, the Temple of Ikov is known for being the previous resting place of the Staff of Armadyl, and the order's old headquarters. The temple now functions as an away base for knights and clergy, and the primary base of Armadyl's infantry. Despite members disliking the location, some remain there, keeping it as an emergency location when needed, most of their members reside there.

Armadyl's Tower
Constructed as a headquarters for Armadyl and his forces during the Armadylean-Bandosian Conflict, Armadyl's tower was left behind for use by the Guardians and serves as a base of operations in the Asgarnia and Misthalin areas. With Armadyl return, they feel more confident, and help guard the tower with him.

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Applications for your character.

Character name / Character race (must be human/Aviansie) / Class (Mage, Range, Warrior)

Character's Backstory:

Applications for a alliances.

Organization/Kingdom name: (This is application is for the name of the group who wishes to be allies with the Guardians.)


Letter: (This part here is your character sending a letter to this group in order to meet somewhere and talk. THIS IS OPTIONAL!)

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Infantry= Steel/Spidersilk/Snakeskin

Knight= Adamant/Splitbark/Green Dragon (Pendant Required)

Exemplar= Rune/Blue Mystic/Blue Dragon (Pendant Required, Cloak Required)

Seraph= Rune(G)/White Mystic/Blue Dragon(G) OR Armadylean Armor/Robes (Pendant Required, Cloak Required)

Guardian= Armadylean Rune Plate/Armadylean Vestments/Armadylean Leather OR Archon/Warpriest (Pendant Required, Cloak Required, Weapon Required)

If you cannot afford some of the uniform let us know, one of our member is rich enough to buy you one.

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Novus Luna

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Name: Cyrus Lucien Ambrose
Age: 25
Race: Human
Religion: Armadylean
Occupation: Guardian Battlemage
Location: Rimmington
Cyrus was born into a middle-class family within Ardougne. Not wanting to become a simple town guard like his father, or a merchant like his mother, he combined the aspects of their job, becoming a sort of mercenary to merchants that traveled around Kandarin and Asgarnia, with a few jobs going as far as Misthalin and Kandarin. Before taking up this profession, he was very well studied, looking into history and magic more than anything. He naturally was unable to learn much about anything before the Third Age, but he tried to find what scraps he could. With this learning, he also grew to have a certain distaste for the gods, seeing Bandos as a mindless warmonger, Zamorak as a power-hungry criminal, Saradomin as a hypocritical tyrant, and Guthix as a childish coward.

The Gods that he didn't entirely scorn were Zaros - a name he could hardly find mention of in any texts to begin with - and Armadyl, who, like Zaros, had hardly information present about him. One day, at the Poison Arrow Inn in Ardougne, a Saradominist began harassing him about his faithlessness, where he began to argue back about the faults of Saradomin. Before the fight could get heated, the guard stepped in and calmed them. Moments after, he was met by Idria, who was in town to get supplies. Across the next weeks, Idria or other Guardians would return to teach him about Armadyl.

By the dawn of the Sixth Age, Cyrus had been inducted into the Guardians as a mobile agent, as he had already been across many areas in Gielinor in his previous job. His initial task was to attempt to learn what he could about the vile thief Lucien, though little headway was made. He would later join in the battle to ultimately remove the threat of Bandos from Gielinor, serving as a battlemage to the ranks of the God of Justice. His home moved to Rimmington, in the shadow of Armadyl's Divine Focus.

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