The Guardians of Armadyl

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I apologise if this application is a bit late.

Dominyr Volantes

Age: 22

Race: Human

Religion: Armadylean

Occupation: Mercenary / Warrior / Adventurer

Location: South Asgarnia, (Travelling between) Rimmington, Port Sarim, Near-Falador.

Dominyr Volantes was born to a traditionally Saradominist family, living in the poorer regions within Kandarin. Even from a young age, Dominyr had kept values of fairness and equality close to heart, and often voiced his dissatisfaction towards he and his family's condition.

In a large family, Dominyr was the eldest son, and the luckiest to have survived his poverty. His parents shunned and disowned him when Dominyr discovered that Armadyl had small followings in Kandarin, and thus Dominyr was forced to survive alone. He had few friends who lived close to Catherby and Hemenster.

Dominyr had discovered Armadyleanism through exploring old ruins near his home, and finding old texts and fragmented weaponry that bore Armadyl's mark, and made the mistake of bringing one such script to his father who named it as heresy and burned it in front of Dominyr. Ironically the script had a reading about unnecessary violence.

Then, after a long period of wandering Gielinor as a freelance mercenary/adventurer, Armadyl and Bandos had the infamous battle over Falador. Due to Dominyr's beliefs, and close proximity to the Armadylean's tower, he signed up as a Warpriest in the battle, but was then discharged, when the battle was won. He and the Head Diviner, Kaimee, had become friends due to their similar upbringing and had remained friends even when the battle was won.

And now, Dominyr has sought out the Guardians to further assist Armadyl's cause.

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