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Joining Application

Character Name: Troy Vernet. Fremennik name yet to be assigned.
Race: Human, Fremennik descent
Age: Dude heck if I know like early 30s?
Occupation: Duellist, swordsmaster, blacksmith
Religious Views: None, Saradominist upbringing
Appearance: 6'2", lean & lightly muscled, blond hair the color of white sand, moves with purpose and grace, stony-grey eyes
Personality: Reserved, observant, determined, calculating, and confident.
Other Information: He plans on undergoing the Fremennik Trials as an outerlander to join their society. He's pretty much done with the political life he's been living.
Brief History: Born to nobility in Misthalin, spent some time in the Kharid, served the Greys (as a Grey Cloak) in Asgarnia for a number of years, moved on. Ayy. You ain't getting more than that fam.
Preferred Weapon If Any: His rapier and his main-gauche defender. Fight me.
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