Is Teleportation Legitimate?

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Tervurens said:
BloxzorKBG said:
anarchism is a liberal idea? what

pretty much in tl;dr he's saying he's so accepting of how people use magic that he has no rule sets to define its limitations, and in thus he's an anarchist in that nothing in his opinion constricts the user's abilities -- i don't think he's using those terms in a political sense

which his idea of ok magic is totally stupid and should be kept to private rp lol. there's no way in hell i'm going to be accepting of some vampire-werewolf-mahjarrat with the magical power compared to that of a neutron star. complete bs

Didn't you quit again
Why are you here

Also since I am being pew pew'd at straight outta nowhere I'ma clap back by explaining this boy's saltiness

I used earth runes
As a human
To move some rocks under his feet
He didn't like that
Called me a geomancing telekinetic mastermind
Then ragequit the roleplay

Proceeds to Skype PM me saying that magic cannot, in fact, manipulate the elemental environment, but can only generate the elements
Then got upset when I pointed out the hydromancy wizard Myrtle as an example of magic manipulating an element
And deleted me
I have screenies if anyone wants them

Now go sic a forum mod on me because you can't handle when someone claps back
I prefer twillow she's cool
Mods pls notice me

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