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I've updated the census with new names and characters, and added a few position vacancies for those interested in joining the IC court

Emperor Axel Vekon the Redeemer, of the Holy Kandarin Empire.


07-Mar-2019 22:26:24

Salt Aren
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Salt Aren

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Character name: Paige Maniake
Age: 24
Role: Bartender, Mercenary
Religious views: Saradominist
Race: Human
Personality: Outgoing
Appearance: Brunette, short, stocky
History: The Maniake family migrated to Kandarin sometime during the Fourth Age, and has done little since then except work odd jobs and engage in a life of sin and debauchery. Paige is the first of her family to hold down a steady job in years, and yearns to travel the globe one day as a legionnaire in the Kandar Army.
Other information: I'm not very active, just DM me if you want to rp

Salt Aren/ Paige Maniake / 24 / Bartender
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14-Mar-2019 20:12:01

Kandar Victa
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Kandar Victa

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In the days following Robard's "vacation" from service, a letter would arrive to Camelot castle reading:

To: Duke Nicholas Vekon of Camelot,

I, Sir Robard Vortivask, formally challenge thee to a trio of trials to compete for thy title, and thy lands. As you read this letter know I am already on my way to hear thy answer in person. If yee are not ridden with cowardice, I look forward to facing thee.

Kandar Victa,

Sir Robard.
Founder of the "Anti-Daniel" gang.

13-Apr-2019 04:45:45

Kandar Victa
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Kandar Victa

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Once Robard arrived at the castle, and engaged in conversation with Nicholas, it was decided that no trials had to be undertaken, and that peacefully Robard would take over the lands and titles intended to be fought for.

Following his ascension, Robard has decided to reinstall the Knights of the Round Table in full and is now looking for worthy warriors willing to give it a try.
Founder of the "Anti-Daniel" gang.

17-Apr-2019 21:15:51

Lord Pyro I
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Lord Pyro I

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To all the acknowledged rulers of Gielinor

You are cordially invited to attend a joyous and historic occasion.

The wedding of King James II and Lady Belladine Adair of Misthalin is due to
take place on the 24th of April at Varrock Cathedral.

Guests are welcomed to bring a small entourage (up to three others) to the
event but advised to leave any weapons at home.

King James
Second of his Name
King of Misthalin
"The greatest endeavors are achieved because of their selfless intent"

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