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John McAfee

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Mods: Communication is the key to every great Role-Play community, making this thread relevant to this forum. Please don't lock this thread.

I'm posting this thread to convince you all the switch to Discord, as the topic suggests.
So, here's why:

Minimal CPU usage:
What this means: I myself have an i5-6600k processor(near top of the line) in my computer. Even with such a beefy machine with Skype, when in a call, my processor usage bumps up to near 80%, leaving little to no resources to RuneScape or any other game for that matter.
Discord on the other hand is significantly better, using nowhere near as many resources as Skype does.

Low Latency:
What this means: Little/no call lagg and generally higher quality calls.

Absolutely 100% free:
What this means: Even setting up a voice server is free, unlike an application such as TeamSpeak where you have to set up your own which is unreliable or pay to have one hosted.

Browser Support:
What this means: You don't even have to download it if you don't want to, just go straight to their website and start using it right there.

Plenty of more stuff, I found this on reddit:

Note: Also! Quite a few people already have and use Discord here from what I've gathered, ask them, they'll tell you it works quite well.


Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with Discord, I'm just satisfied with the application and it is a much better means of communication than any other VoIP application that I can think of.
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I used Discord before it was cool, wooooo.

You lot should get it, though - it's leagues beyond Skype.

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15-Nov-2016 03:11:03



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I've had Discord for like, a year or something now but only recently started using it. It's pretty cool I suppose. Support

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15-Nov-2016 03:13:36



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Disagree. Discord managed to break my computer. I had to flush the hard drive in order to get it working again. "I am true divinity! I am the father of nations and peoples! I am the thing you merely pretend to be! I am God, and I am King, and you can never defeat me!" ~Galath, Infinity Blade

15-Nov-2016 03:44:59

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I mean, unless you're rocking a 6200U or something similar, you shouldn't be having issues. I'd suggest anti virus or something because tbh, discord is one of the more simple clients to install (simpler than Mumble) and if you're killing your HDD from an install... Yeah.

Anyway, full support to discord. I use it for Quake comps, Reflex comps, Titanfall Competitive, Overwatch, ect. and it'd actually keep me in touch with this game (for some reason I keep forgetting about it lmao).

15-Nov-2016 04:10:55

Lady Ria
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Lady Ria

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I enjoy Discord more than Skype. My Desktop skype is crashing and burning constantly, lagging up my entire computer, and honestly? Discord has seamless calling and a very nice link to join feature that makes it that much easier to gather everyone together, rather than running down a list of who has who added.

The only thing keeping me from going full discord is the amount of people still using Skype, and honestly? The only thing we lose is video calling. Which I rarely use as is, because nobody wants to see my ugly face because I have to shut down all my other programs to use it.

Other stuff Discord has that Skype doesn't:

Gifs autoplay when posted.
Images autoload, no clicking required.
Playing a youtube video IN THE PROGRAM.

Never before has sharing memes and reaction vids been so easy.

PINNING MESSAGES to post chat rules, or events, or even making a seperate channel on the server for them where people can see them without it being buried in messages.

Text to speech command (and the ability to mute it)

Ability to change notifications per channel. You can choose to be notified of everything (say, RO announcements) or no messages (trashtalk chennel) You can also make it so you only get a message when someone directs it to you.

15-Nov-2016 11:55:16

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