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Just wanna clarify something: All teleports presumably go through the Abyss in one way shape or form, as suggested by the Abyssal Knights lore - it's the method of ACCESSING the Abyss that seems to be different. Even the gods and the Elder Sword/World Gate/Fairy rings and the Schism teleport you through the Abyss - the only explicit example of something not using the Abyss is Void Pests, which use the Void.
The standard teleports developed by modern-day humans are routed into the Abyss through the Tower's beam, with that knowledge given to them by a demon and all, and the beam seems to be a direct and continuous piercing into the Abyss. The Ancient teleports were likely developed by demons, Mahjarrat, or Zaros himself for ease of travel around the Empire for the less magically-inclined humans -- they might route into the Abyss through the Shadow Realm or something. Lunar teleportation is most likely routed through the fairy rings and into the Abyss.

ANYWAYS, that stuff aside, there's a caper for the Thieving Guild that involves you stealing from the Guild Registry vault - the woman who runs the place mentions that they aren't concerned about mages stealing from them because of the teleport suppression glyphs they have in there - PM me on Discord or something if you want the link to the transcript - so presumably, there are ways to stop someone from teleporting IN to an area, like those glyphs. It's not unreasonable to say there are spells for blocking incoming teleports.
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