Nekomada (Roleplay species)

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First of all, im sorry for breaking all the walls.

visual look: They are mostly human in appearance, however they do have a cat like tail and two large cat ears that stick out of the top of your head. (for an accurate example look at the cat outfit on Solomons, it should be exactly the same as that). They also long and sharp fingernails as well as vampire like fangs.

Being one: Nekomada's went extinct several centuries ago however their life force has not. They are rare, often found deep in caverns or forgotten strongholds and they look like a small floating ball of see through energy and if you are weak of mind then they can posses you and turn you into a Nekomada and you will loose most of your memories. Also it may also posses you if you allow it to, but in this case you will retain your consciousness and memories if you do.

how: Nekomada's were an ancient race of moderately powerful warriors who came to Gelinor when they were brought here by an unknown God who died shortly after. Unable to match the power of the other powerful race's on Gelinor they would begin to die off untill they eventually went extinct.

abilities: They posess several unique abilities such as having far superior sight, hearing and smell to that of humans, as well as being able to heal 10 times faster as well as being able to regrow limbs. They feel less pain and can survive injuries that would usually kill humans. If a Nekomada would die, then they would revert into their ball of light form. Their strength is equal to that of the human that they inhabit and they gain all abilities or powers that the human had. They also don't age

how they "should" act: Nekomada retain habits of cats and so they will prefer to eat raw meat and drink milk >_0. Depending on the mental powers of the host, if the host is weak of mind then they will loose much of their mental functions and will become more instinct prone and insane.
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aaaaalll the nope.

Sorry but we don't take yer furry fe*kin' kind.
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I think it's fine. And the effort to make it fit was a good one, especially with the outfits in the Solomon's store that people are too afraid to wear now, I guess. Likely because people are ridiculously judgmental and can't read the part where it literally says he's not a furry. :) |
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