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Playing Runescape can really get you a 'head' in life. Results vary.

~Submissions time is over,but if this makes someone laugh, I've already won. :)
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Werewolf's have lately had trouble transforming due to the flatness of Gielinor.Don't worry,an update will soon arrive.
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"At least we're halfway there." Wizard Cromperty

The upcoming Lumbridge play has had a turn of events.Authorities are looking into a young warlock and his practical jokes,his most recent involving suction.

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Kaiirah 123
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Lol that pictures reminds me of that dude from Percy Jackson and the lightning theif

'I am your protector' ,and Percy Jackson was like 'Your half man half donkey!, then he was like 'No. I'm half goat, half man'

Omg rofl

16-Oct-2010 09:37:49

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