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Hello everyone!
On Tuesday September 28th at about 8pm we're holding a Forum Q&A session with Mod Maylea who is one of the developers behind the new Treasure Trails update.
You might be fully booked that night though so in an effort to make sure that no great question is missed, we've started up this thread for you ask your questions right away.
On Tuesday Mod Maylea will post answers to questions from both this thread and from the live questions that come up on the night so post a question here and all being well, see it answered on the main answer thread on Tuesday evening.
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will their be an improvement to the (SP) set on dragon kits?

Besides the Dragon full helm kit, The platebody and legs have way to little spikes

I dont see the pizzaz in 2 spikes under the knee of the legs and the ones on the platebody are barley visible on the chest :(

27-Sep-2010 10:18:25

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Was this just recently unlocked? The link on the main page was from today, but the post date is the 21st. Bit confusing.

As for my question, what are your current plans, if any, to increase the difficulty curve in ratio to rewards? I ask because I find myself often doing treasure trails to the limit of that clues possible segments, and yet obtaining worse loot than when I do the same clue type very fast.

I believe a corresponding reward for the length and difficulty (if you're sent into the wild or into a hard quest area for example) should be directly proportionate to the reward output.

27-Sep-2010 10:20:51



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Also will their be like any more Add-ons to treasure trails?

For example: New Clues, Riddles, (Tile Slideing)Puzzles and of course Rewards? :D

GJ on the new batch and thanks :P

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Why cant u make rewards better like the mask or improved them like the unicorn mask should do an emotion or u can get remove the unicorn horn from it and get 100 unicorn horns each day in a note because the price for mask have downfall so much

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One question i have

1.When you get the clue dropped from a monster is the
reward already decided or are there are some other factors like speed or time it takes to complete clue, other players beating you to a clue if there is any factors that affect reward please tell me

27-Sep-2010 10:30:23

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Aha! on the first page go deadly -dances- - my question is will there ever be anything like full cat -points at catmask and staff- aka a cat shirt not the bob and a pair of decorative cat pants and when put on they preform an awesome emote OR turn u into a cat!? stylish and practical :D BTW LOVE WHAT U HAS DONE SO FAR =3 - if i were a cat it would make for a good rsmv or a quest 0.0 definitely a hardcore quest anyway what ever u decide jagex im down for

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Why didn't the Elite TT tasks you had to do go into the level 1, 2 and 3 scrolls? They are, in my opinion, far more enjoyable than the ones we can find there already :P

Did you consider more ways to obtain the scrolls? An example would be high level implings or pickpockets.
Rite of Passage

27-Sep-2010 10:46:18

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Are there going to be more elite clue types? Because the two elite clues I have done were really repetetive. (But was honestly worth it, 2nd elite clue got me Frost Dragon Mask! This made my friend so angry with me!)

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