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thank god to this Q&A... I have a few questions... What is the approx. drop rate of an elite?? What monster in your opinion drops them more often? Which is the most effective to kill for a meleer? (99att/str 80def)

Thanks,Bull =D

29-Sep-2010 02:10:09

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I read the answers. What is an unreleased AME which was something with a cow in it and deemed too gruesome?

I just want to know what AME stands for, not about what was gruesome.

29-Sep-2010 04:51:42

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What are the reward rates for the God Bows and Fury Ornamental Kit? Am I close with 1/40? ;)

Also, what is the approximate drop rate for any clues from Bork?

And is the rate from the Skeletal Horror set in stone? 1 elite every 3 months, meh...
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Transcendent - AME stands for an "Anti Macro Event" I believe. So a "Random", basically. :-)

Anyhow, I think this thread is closed now, so I'll sign off for a final time too.

Thanks all!


29-Sep-2010 17:30:52

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