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On Friday at 9PM BST (UK time), we'll be holding a live Q&A with Mod Ash and Mod John A. If you have any questions for them, please post them here when this thread is unlocked and we'll post the answers on this thread.
Mod Kat

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1. Hi, do you know when, approximately, the Kudos Island and Eastern Lands will be released?
2. Also, have the Dorgesh-Kaan Goblin series of quests finished, or do we have more to see? Because I really enjoyed that series, along with every other quest I've done.
3. Will some of the holiday items such as the Easter Ring ever be released for trade, I reckon they would sell for high prices.
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First, before i start my Questions and all. I want to tell you thank you for the Dungeoneering update.
I have several questions about the Forums, Dungeoneering, and minigames.

1) Will you add additional more portals to dungeons. Such as the Frost Dragon Dungeon?

2) Frost Dragons only rare is Vissage and the bones are a nice income as well, but is there any Other Rares that we do not know of yet?

3) I help j moderators on the Forums all the time and cut down spam. My question is how many Jmods actually do the help center? (As I see the same ones on all the time 24/7)

4) Will there be anything special for the class of Rangers outside of Daemonheim this year?

5) I suggested in June about some adjustments with clan chat. One of the Suggestions is that you got to be a Certain Cb level to join it. Is there any possible way of this happening in runescape?

6) I applied to the community focused in the forums. Do we reapply every 30 days if we have no contact from jagex? You know like a Job application?
7) This Question is Regarding about Armor Zombies. Can you Verify that The Salve Amulant(e) Does not Stack up with Void?
8) I am curious about the Castle war ticket system. Why is it when you lose you get 0 tickets ,when you spend 20 minutes?
Will you be updating the Ticket System in the Future?
9) I love the forgotten commander quest. By any chance is there going to be any new books out? Maybe Base on your Quests?
10) My last question is when will the Account Review Thread be open again? It was very hopeful too many runescape players.

Thanks for reading my Questions.
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Hey Mod Ash and Mod John A :)!
To Ash:
Where did the WOM learn all of those powerful magical habilities, like faster casting and extra damage? Any chance he could teach us some of these also in a future quest?
To John A:
Any chance we get a Dragon Crossbow in the next dwarf quest? Maybe Dragon Limbs drop by these dragons the drunken dwarf talk of?
Thanks :D

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Dear Mod John A and Mod Ash,
I have several questions for you guys over there at JaGEx castle.
1 Mod John A can you please tell us how the Red axe and the penguins first met eachother?
2 Why does the gnome work for the Red axe?
3 Has the Red Axe more plans before trying to attack Keldagrim?
4 Are any new achievement diaries planned we havent seen one in a long time.
5 Can you confirm that well be getting a Tirannwn(elven lands) achievement diary after the quest series finish?
6 Will we ever know how the Thinggummywut looks like? If so will it be in a sequel to Love Story (If there will be one).
7 Will the Runescape Forums see more updates this year?
Seeing as this is next weeks update you can drop off a little hint here I hope ^_^
8 Will the new treasure train rewards have some zaros themed rewards?
9 Will boss monsters like the godwars dungeon bosses drop level 4 cluescrolls instead of level 3 ones after the treasure trails update?
10 Is sliske currently walking somewhere on runescape?
11 Will dragon spike/berserker shields ever be added to the Fist of Guthix rewards?
I also have a question regarding the final animation pack.
12 As said yesterday in the twitter QA with mod mark you are making new looks for all armour. Are you making them optimal? (players can choose if they prefer new or old looks)

I ask this because you know how people reacted on the Dragon Scimitar and you cant imagine how people (F2P too) will react to a new look for the rune platebody.
Please consider a toggle button or something like that.
Just dont do it like with the dragon scimitar and force a new look.
If you cant anwer it please ask Andrew or Mod Mark for an answer and post in on the thread later on or tomorrow.
13 If you cant answer a question will you run to a developer who know the answer and post the answers in a DB like JaGEx did in the past?
EDIT2: Mod Ash I ment later this week :P

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Hello Mod Ash and Mod John A,
Firstly, I'd like to say how much fun I had doing the many quests that were developed by you two.I simply loved the Love Story quest, and it is, without a doubt, one of my favourite quests.:)
Questions for Mod Ash
1) What was the inspiration behind the Love Story quest?
2) Was it easy to introduce the WOM's old house into the quest?
3) The Love Story quest was very emotional, was this planned?
4) Despite Zenevivia's hate for quests, will she play any part in upcoming quest?
5) The WOM is an unpredictable character, so will he start a whole new chapter in his questing life, following the Love Story quest?
Question to Mod John A
1) Was it easy for you, personally, to say good bye to working on such a beloved character as Zanik in the Chosen Commander quest? IE last in this quest series
Thank you for taking your precious time to answer these questions.:)

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I'd just like to ask if we can expect any sort of sequel to While Guthix Sleeps, and if so, how far down the road could that be?
Thanks for your time!

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Before I begin (Lulz essay time), I just want to say that you two guys, especially Mod Ash, are pretty much the only developers that we actually speak to when your updates are released, and for that I thank you.
Okay, so I have two very simple questions to ask you, but first I have to explain why I'm asking this, and avoid any possible "brush it away" answers. What I'm going to be addressing is the holding position of Scimitars. The reason I'm asking a developer, and not someone from the graphics team, is that no resources from the graphics department would be required to bring to life what I'm about to ask you, considering someone from graphics wouldn't be able to help me out here.
Okay, so as you clearly know, back a year ago with the animation pack #1, scimitars were changed to this ugly vertical position that nobody likes (Ask around in-game, or hold a poll if you disagree with this). I've personally held polls in-game, and even a poll on the forums on my other account (QFC : 74-75-229-60901521) with very obvious pro-horizontal votes. The thing here is that some people at Jagex claim the change was made to prevent the tip disappearing at a certain angle. The thing that bugs me is, nobody really cares about this extremely minor bug, also, changing the holding position is more of a "Put a band-aid on a tumor" type of thing.
To get to the point, I want to know if it would be possible to, through say the melee tutor, have the option to change the holding position of your scimitar from the current position, to the position of the chaotic longsword (The natural arm position). I believe this update would make a massive amount of players happy. Is this possible, and if it is, would you do it, and if not, why?

I apologize for the long read, but please bare with me, I've been trying to get this through for a very long time, this update would make I and MANY others so very happy. (=
Oh, and I don't mind the slashing animation twitch, incase you were to mention that.

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Dear Mod Ash or Mod John A
I Have a few questions, but this is the important question:
In Dungeoneering as i see, there are a lot of secret messages about the future of RuneScape, My question is:
Is this true? and how many secret messages are on this skill about the future of RuneScape?
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Hi Mod Ash and Mod John A! I really have enjoyed some of your past work. The Wise Old Man serious is action packed and exciting, while the Chaos Dwarf Series is suspenseful and enfuriating. I can't wait for more of your work!
Anyways, my question is: will we ever see a sequel to the Glourphie or Desert series? These quest series appear to have abruptly ended, but have now been overshadowed by the Mysteries of Mahjarrat series and the Myrque series.
So, long story short: will we see a continuation of the Glourphie and Myrque series? If so, will it be anytime soon?
Thanks for your time!
EDIT: First page :D! Nerdy freakout moment ftw!
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