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Hey there, i have two questions and suggestions:

Q1: Will you ever make hiscores better?
What i mean by this is you can make it so you chose to either appear on the list or not, or if you havent played for a long time you will get removed until you log in or something. Lots of people try and want high ranks but they cant and also theres quite a lot of people that have quit with high lvls, also if you decided to improve the highscores, then what you could do is the people with 200m xp in a skill and they havent played for a while or decide they want to appear off for a little what you could do is when they appear off they other person will take their rank but when they want to re-appear they get their rank back.

This question is about rares,
Sooner or later one day there will be hardly any rare items, will you ever add any other event items to the rare list(so you can sell in the ge) example: grim reaper hood etc?

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Phat Fashion

Phat Fashion

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Quick and easy question from me:

The permanent block on certain slayer assignments is currently limited to 5 monsters, as the previous maximum QP was below 300. Now that there are 300+ QP.. Can we expect to see a 6th block for those of us with 300+? We need to do something in between quest releases ;).Thanks a lot for taking time to speak to the community!

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Hey Mod Ash!

Have you ever thought of adding your House Teletab Concept to all other tele tabs in the game? Like you can make teletabs that can tele you to certian parts of the city, like ones you've unlocked during Achievemnet Diaries.

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Hello I'm not too sure if anyone ask these or have answered em somewhere but here I go:

1) Can we expect more fashion clothing and costumes for our dear ladies in the near future?

2) Out of all the non existing but planned to release dragon weapons ( crossbow, warhammer ect) which one of these would we see first?

3) Do you plan or releasing a new boss soon? Something really challanging and perhaps something that can be fought undependantly on other players ( i.e a player will always be able to fight his own boss, it will never be "taken )

4) An interesting question: What update(s) or changes are YOU dear Jagex developers looking forwards to, if there are any such? maybe a big project on hand?

5) Will dungeoneering ever have a money making option? It has indirect effects on money making but will we be able to make money directly from it?

6) Will there be any other ways of getting Dungeoneering tokens ( minigames or special currency? ) other than getting exp/leveling?

7) Which minigame(s) will be next in line to see updates and changes?

8) Are we gonna see more ingame spoilers ( like the unknown power and such ). I know there're tweeter hints or so but ingame changes or something for some further future updates would be neat!

9) Are you planning to add more clothing options ( maybe colors and detail ) to the casual clothes ( when nothing is equipped )?

10) What skill is next on the line for new high level content? and which skills do u think need some high level content badly?

That's all Thanks =)

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Chompy Chef

Chompy Chef

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Hey guys! I have a few things I'd like to ask about.

1) Are the fabled "Eastern Lands" in development yet? If so, about when do you think we'll see the release, and will they be accessible to everyone (for example skillers)?

2) The random release of the blue faced gorilla greegree; is it a hint that Monkey Madness 2 is in the blue box stage? And, are you working on a Monkey Madness 2? I would really like to see a sequel to MM, as it is one of my favourite quests. :)

Thank you for reading this! ;)

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Mod Kathy

Mod Kathy

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Hi everyone,

Edit: Due to the large amount of questions asked and the fact that the developers will need to sleep at some point in the near future, this session is going to be closed. They will continue to answer as many of the posted questions as they can. :)

If you did miss an opportunity to ask questions, don't worry, more Q&A sessions will be held in the near future so keep an eye out for updates. :)


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