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Scavenger Race

ScAvEnGeR RacE

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October 16, 2010 18:00:00

Hi everyone and welcome to the Scavenger Race Thread!

This thread will tell you all the steps for you to complete the race. Please bear in mind the following:


- It’s a race, so you should aim to complete all the steps as soon as possible!
- Completing all the steps is mandatory.
- Have fun!

Note: if you finish the race without completing all the steps, it won’t count. Be aware that we are able to check this in our system.

The steps don’t need to be done in any particular order. However, to help you out a bit, we’ve put the steps close to each other, so the next on in the list will always be near your standing point in the RuneScape map.

Other useful info:

- You are free to use teleports; careful though, they will just slow you down most of the times.
- You are free to use the RuneScape banks at any point in the race.
- We recommend you take stuff in your inventory related to skilling. You will be asked to skill in many situations, and the knowledge of those skills will be crucial.
- Feel free to use our knowledge base for more info on the skills!


Server: 11
Date: Saturday 16th October
Time of Start: 18:00 BST.
Place to Start: Inside the Lumber Yard.


- 1 month membership for number #1 on the race.
- 1 month membership for a random player that finishes the race.


Mod Achilles
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15-Oct-2010 11:41:50

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